9 Awesome Anaglyph 3D Movie Trailers – Get your 3D Glasses

Even if you haven’t worn 3D glasses since you were 16, you might well be using them this Christmas.  With the release of Robert Zemeckis’ Scrooge ‘A Christmas Carol’ starring the multi-voice talents of rubber-faced Jim Carey and the ‘said-to-be’ movie phenomenon of the decade James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, we will all be donning a pair of 3D polarized lenses, in order to watch the action.

crowd wearing 3D glasses
crowd wearing 3D glasses

3D as I’m sure you know, is a way of giving the illusion of depth perception in a film or image, it has been around since the 1950s and saw a re-surge in the 1980s, but mostly in American cinemas.  We did however get a snippet of it on British TV recently with the television program “The Queen in 3D”, of course it was pointless as the majority of people watching it most likely didn’t own 3D glasses, but the concept was interesting.

the queen in 3d
the queen in 3d

And for those of you who might have recently watched Coraline in 3D at home with a pair of crappy cardboard glasses, covered in kiddies finger prints, you probably found that that 3D wasn’t that great, it had a bluey grey tone, was only effective during the opening credits and since the settings on most TVs have to be perfect to get the full effect of the 3D experience, it really wasn’t worth it.  (Note: view the video below at youtube to see it in 3D).

But i recently watched the Avatar trailer which was playing in 3D and was blown away.  The effects in the movie were like nothing I have seen before.  The depth really brought you into the movie and the scenery of Pandora was stunning.  The effects, although running at 100mph, were detailed and visually mind blowing.  It made me hold my breath at more than one point, which hasn’t happened with a movie since Aliens, and this was just the damn trailer.

Watch some 3D trailers “get your “anaglyph” 3D specs on”

Once you have your glasses, which of course you will after watching all the 3D movies at the flicks this Christmas, you can enjoy the following movie trailers and 3D testers that we have found for you here.

3d specs


Monsters Vs Aliens in 3D

Toy Story in 3D

Star Wars the Clone Wars in 3D

The Final Destination in 3D

Pangea the movie in 3D

Tron in 3D

2012 in 3D

So what do you think? is 3D the future of film?

Will it make you go and see more movies in the Cinema?

And one last clip: -

My Bloody Valentine

(Best viewed at youtube in 3D)

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