Loom Bands Craze Hits Glasses!!

Both my 7 year old daughter and my mother have fully submerged themselves into this new craze of Loom Bands. I am pleased to see my daughter maintaining her attention span and producing such amazing bands and works of 3D art.  However,  I am concerned that it has sent my mother who is wholly addicted slightly crazy!!

Here is her latest invention that I wanted to share so please share with like minded people!!!

Loom Bands for Prescription Glasses!!

I must admit the lanyard on these P6185 Infinity</a

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Five Luscious Must Have Prada Frames

I want ALL of these five PRADA frames.  Should I own all five pairs?

It is not often I stumble across a frame that I really like, let alone 5 frames in one go!  This is a bit excessive I know, but I think they are all inspiring and unique.

Founded by Mario Prada in 1913 these PRADA frames all have a strong identity and will appeal to both young or older generations. The frames are also of supreme quality and I adore them all!!

Prada PR 23OV

For instance, I love the look and feel of the PR 23OV  (JAJ101) frame. It speaks Sophistication and Elegance.  The tapered Bordeaux

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Celebrity Status for SelectSpecs – Our Wayfarer Style Glasses are Featured in a Play

SelectSpecs glasses are to be featured in ‘The Seagull’ play performed at Margate Theatre Royal.

Selectspecs are proud to announce that our popular Savannah P2383 budget glasses will be reaching stardom and making an appearance in the play ‘The Seagull’ at the Theatre Royal in Margate, Kent between the 6 – 9th February.

The P2383 Black frame is being worn by the established actor and writer Paul Curd who is playing the role of Dr Dorn.  This frame

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7 Awesome Bionic Contact Lenses of the Future

Google’s new experimental project is inventing ‘Smart contact lenses’ to help people with diabetes to manage their disease by measuring the glucose levels in their tears.  At present, most people with the disease monitor their glucose levels by testing drops of blood.

It’s early days yet but a tiny wireless chip and miniaturised glucose sensor is to be embedded between two layers of lens material.  It will continuously monitor the level of glucose in the bloodstream and relay that information to a smartphone or computer.  This will prevent the more serious side effects before they

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