Ray-Ban Clubmasters Have Stood the Test of Time

malcolm x

The Clubmaster name may not be familiar to you, but chances are you have seen them countless times on TV or on the silver screen…

In the 1950s and ’60s ‘browline‘ style glasses were the most popular style in the USA.  The thick rim across the top of the frame, pointing out slightly at the edges, drew attention to the wearer’s brow line, hence the name of the style.   The thick top rim is enhanced by the semi rimless, slightly rounded edge.  Legendary activist Malcolm X and Hollywood Heartthrob James Dean were amongst the famous faces pictured in theirs.


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Prada PR 09QS Sunglasses from SelectSpecs.com

Brand New Prada PR 09QS Sunglasses…The Hottest Summer Accessory


I love designer…the quality is unbeatable, the finish is flawless and most importantly the look is fabulous. Prada is my all time favourite designer for eye-wear and these brand new Prada PR 09QS sunglasses are simply must haves for the summer season.





The absolutely beautiful frames are set in an elegant black colour, with thick rims to accentuate the cheek bones of the wearer. The gorgeous arms are embellished with the Prada name and have a mix of both black and white…simple yet classy colours. The lightly tinted lens of the sunglasses means that your brig

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Top 5 Gorgeous Designer Frames In The Sale!


With summer in full swing, now is the time to invest in beautifully crafted designer glasses. With something for everyone, SelectSpecs provides a wide range of gorgeous designer frames and sunglasses. Here are my top 5 with an added bonus…each of them are in the sale! Snap these glasses up now before the sale ends.

Dior CD3771

My first pick consists of the absolutely fabulous Dior CD3771 glasses.

In a wonderfully girly palette of colours, these frames consist of different shades of pink. The almost translucent dark pink of the frames will give the appearance of a more tanned face due to the c

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rainbow vegetables and fruit

Have a Bright Summer with these Rainbow Shades

The Summer is well underway and sunglasses are a must-have item, whether you’re enjoying the British heatwave or jetting off on your travels. One of this year’s hottest looks is to use blocks of solid colour across your outfit.  The great thing about this look is you can use existing pieces in your wardrobe.  Try sticking to one or two colours from top to toe.  Primary colours are great but you could also go for bright pink, green or orange.  Don’t forget to include your accessories and nail colours.  Eyewear is an easy way to incorporate the look.  Work this seasons

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makeup and glasses

Matching your Make-up to your Glasses!

Glasses can be the ultimate everyday accessory for girls and teamed with the right make-up you’re onto a winning combination!  With so many frames, colours and trends to choose from you can flick between different looks like a style chameleon or nail down your signature flair.  

Here’s some tips to combine your makeup with your glasses so that you look your best both in and outside the office.

Black Frames

Starting with the basics; if you’ve got any kind of frame in a solid black colour, like the simple yet elegant <a href="http://www.selectspecs.com/Glasses/Infinity/A2019/ss260.49.htm

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Loom Bands Craze Hits Glasses!!

Both my 7 year old daughter and my mother have fully submerged themselves into this new craze of Loom Bands. I am pleased to see my daughter maintaining her attention span and producing such amazing bands and works of 3D art.  However,  I am concerned that it has sent my mother who is wholly addicted slightly crazy!!

Here is her latest invention that I wanted to share so please share with like minded people!!!

Loom Bands for Prescription Glasses!!

I must admit the lanyard on these P6185 Infinity<

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Piggy Bank

Top 3 Budget Frames for Fashion

Glasses can be expensive, with high end designer frames going from around £100 upwards but they can be a great investment if you heavily rely on glasses. However, for those of you as clumsy or as fussy as I am, then budget frames can be the way forward because cheaper frames can easily be replaced which is a huge bonus. I am also an avid fashion lover so my style changes and evolves constantly. I would therefore love to have the option to own a frame for every outfit and buying numerous budget frames allows me to achieve that.

Here is my pick of the top 3 most fashion forward frames that

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