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Wearing sunglasses could help to avoid wrinkles

We have all been there every now and again. When we have painted the town red, green or even blue, you come in slightly worse for wear. That thumping head coupled with the pang for something rich only adds to the day after the night before. But help is at hand thanks to our trusty pair of sunnies!

In fact, you may not want to remove them after this spectacular bombshell we are about to drop. Aside from looking slick and offering protection for your peepers, sunglasses may have another hidden benefit. It turns out that wearing your shades can help eradicate both squinting and a reduction in wrinkles

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Top 6 Sunglasses to Kick Hay Fever’s Ass

Ahh, we all know that feeling don’t we?  Although John Travolta may have been singing all day about summer loving, there’s no love lost around pesky pollen.

Affecting more than a quarter of the UK, hay fever drives thousands of us literally up the wall. Yes, we may be all dressed in t-shirts chasing down the ice cream van but for sufferers it’s a complete nightmare.

This time of year plays havoc with streaming eyes as well as scratchy throats. That’s right, the battle with pollen is a troublesome and tough annual event. Grass pollen is the worst and usually occurs between May and

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Tech: Special Blue Blocking Shades May Help Mental Illnesses And Sleep

There seems to be two major issues that will affect the UK in the next half century; first is obesity, whilst the second focuses on mental illness.

With over £200 million invested recently by the government into said matters, a surprising new breakthrough has emerged.

In recent weeks, it’s been revealed amber sunglasses may go a long way in treating mental disorders.

The Science Breakdown:

We all know how sunlight can assist our internal body clocks, whether we are travelling on holiday or recognising the difference between the seasons sunlight plays a key role.

On the other hand, we also know the perils of artificial

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Tips for Keeping Up Good Eye Health on Holiday

Tips for Keeping Up Good Eye Health on Holiday

It’s that time of year when many of us are off to spend weeks on a luxurious holiday – likely somewhere abundant with beautiful scenery, lovely warm waters and fascinating culture! Before packing your bags, however, you could benefit from cluing yourself up on these little tips for looking after your eyes.

Tuck into some healthy nosh

Cuisine abroad can be distinctive, to say the least. Many dishes can strongly reflect the unique history and culture of wherever they are made, consisting of locally sourced ingredients cooked using traditional methods. And, if you’ve read our recent announcement about <a href="

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makeup and eye health advice

Makeup and Eye Health: How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

There are lots of things we can do to help improve our eye health. Including regular visits to the optician, eating healthily and ensuring we have enough vitamins and minerals in our diet, protecting our eyes with 100% UV sunglasses in the sun, and not smoking (or quitting smoking).

For women who wear makeup, there are also some additional precautions we can take to keep our eyes healthy. In fact, millions of makeup users across the UK could minimise the potential harm to their eyes by following a few easy steps.

Here are some tips on the most responsible ways to use makeup in your day to

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Hemianopia: What it is & How Glasses Can Help it

Get an eyeful of this – according to the journal Optometry and Vision Science, there’s good news on the way for hemianopia sufferers.

But what is this eye related disorder? Well, settle down and let us fill you in on the matter:

What is Hemianopia?

Hemianopia is directly connected to field loss where individuals have no vision on the left or right hand side of the central field of sight.

It can greatly affect those people who have experienced a stroke on one side, often experiencing loss of field on the opposite side.

Now everyone as they say is different. As a result, the amount of field loss does tend to

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smoking and eye health

Smoking and Eye Health: The Disturbing Truth

Sitting too close to the TV, not eating your carrots, avoiding your bi-annual eye exam, or refusing to wear your glasses when you need them – these are all the things that we’re told will damage our eyes.

From a very young age, our mums would tell us to finish the veggies on our plate, and every other news article these days is about the importance of leafy greens and antioxidant-rich foods to boost our vision. But very few people ever talk to us about smoking.

There are more than 10 million adults who smoke cigarettes in the UK, with a total of 60% admitting to an addiction and

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