It’s The Dogs: US Firm Launches Protective Sunglasses For Pooches!

Cats playing the piano on the web is just so last year. How about funky sunglasses for dogs? Now we’re talking!

We all love our pets and many of us can’t get enough of pampering our beloved pooches. But for one company in the US, they have now taken their passion for dogs that one step further.

Introducing protective sunglasses for Fido or that special little Buster. These doggie goggles, or doggles, were the inspiration of a company from Wyoming. Their main benefits include protecting dogs eyes from a host of weather elements such as UV rays and dust.

Say goodbye to your doggie collars and

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Google Glass 2: Without A Screen?

It seems like things on the surface are not as they appear over at Google. In spite of the tepid reception these glasses received, everything doesn’t seem all that its cracked up to be!

Since the initial product was introduced back in 2013, it has attempted to captivate audiences. Offering its slick design coupled with fast information, Google Glass provided the ability to capture hand-free images as well as bring up speedy information.

So whether you needed to to check the latest weather updates or flight times, its navigation was second to none. However, reports have surfaced about the

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Tech: Keep Track of Your Health with New Jins Meme Glasses 

When it comes to our own health some take the attitude that out of sight is out of mind. However, for many of us, health monitors and trackers have been taken to all new levels.

This is largely in part thanks to our smartphones which have opened up a world of tracking. The way in which we connect on a physical plane has been transformed through this humble device.

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child with glasses funny

Encouraging Your Child To Wear Their Glasses

It can sometimes be difficult to encourage your child to wear their glasses. We look at the psychology behind non-compliance, and give you the skills you need to teach your child how to see the world clearly through glasses.

Uncomfortable Frames

There are many reasons why your child might not want to wear glasses, and it is important to think through the possibilities, to understand exactly what to do about it. It could be that your child’s glasses are uncomfortable and require further adjustment to fit properly.  Your optician should happily

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Tats Incredible: Man on Stag Do gets ‘Ray-Ban’ Sunglasses Tattooed on Face

This story you might say has become a real eye opener. A man in South Wales woke up to a horrific shock this past week. After an all night jolly with his chums, he woke up to some mysterious etchings across his face. Now we all know what some people do in a drunken stupor from climbing lampposts to yes getting inked.

It turned out that this Welshman had a permanent tattoo of a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses marked around his eyes. It even featured the unique Rayban logo which was plastered on the side of his temple. Unfortunately for the unnamed gentleman, he believed that his chums were only fooling

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Tech: Boots “Gadget Protection” Lenses Misleading Customers

The shoe or should that be boot is well and truly on the other foot this week. It turns out that high street optician Boots have been misleading customers with some of their most sought after lenses.

They may well cost a bob or two but it has been revealed that this optician has been overselling some of their most expensive lenses. Boots has claimed that their own brand Boots Protect Plus Blue Lenses have so called gadget glare protection.

In today’s fast paced society, smartphones are a genuine extension of ourselves. From setting alarms for that all important meeting to watching the latest

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New Research Shows That Wearing Glasses Can Positively Affect How People Perceive You!

Wearing glasses can dramatically change your appearance, and the right pair will highlight your features and make you feel good.

However, there is now evidence that being a spectacles-wearer can also change the perspectives of those around you. The historical stereotype is, of course, that people who wear glasses are more intelligent. I call this the “specs effect”, and it can be used to your advantage – for example, it’s now recommended that you wear your specs on for a job interview as it makes you look smarter!

A number of <a href="

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