Blind Man Sees Using Bionic Eye

Bionic Vision System Helps Blind Man See

Whilst glasses are the obvious option for those who struggle with their eyesight, for people who suffer from total blindness, there have been very few options available, until very recently. A pioneering system called the Iris II, made by Pixium is currently being trialled in a small selection of specialist eye hospitals across Europe, so far four patients have been implanted with the device and ten further have been granted permission to undergo this procedure at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.

The device (pictured below) aims to restore some vision to patients suffering with various conditions

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Tech: Groundbreaking Electronic Glasses Could Ease Driver Safety

Could a firm from Cambridge solve the age old problem of driving in the dark? Well my friends now is certainly the time.

We all know that there are both risks and perils of driving at night. The squinting of the eyes not to mention the tiredness. You may open a window in order to enjoy a little fresh air. On the other hand, you may have glasses to correct your vision related problems.

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You Can Now Explore Mars Thanks to Microsoft HoloLens

You Can Now Explore Mars Thanks to Microsoft HoloLens

If the closest you’ve ever come to exploring Mars is nibbling on a chocolate bar, you’ll likely be excited that, by putting on a Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality headset, you can now explore the Red Planet’s rocky terrain.

Yes, it’s very much a virtual experience – but also a great indicator of how far the technology has come, not to mention a hint at how much further it could go.

Introducing “Destination: Mars”

We all know the story of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon – but, over the last 70 years, various strategies for human travel to Mars <a href="

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Snapchat Launches Sunglasses With Built In Camera

Snapchat is about to mix up the technological world, its goodbye to traditional glasses and hello to Snap Specs.

That’s right, Snapchat is about to turn Google Glass on its head with their latest social media experiment. You can find out more here.

What are Snap Specs?

With a launch date imminent Snap’s Spectacles are going to sweep the social messaging boards like never before. The messaging app company have broadened their techie horizons and embarked into the gadget arena.

Featuring sunglasses that include a built in camera, Snap Specs might be the go to gizmo for those bright young things. So what is so

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Smart Contact Lenses Using Metamaterials To Change Optical Future

No dear friends, your eyes are most definitely not deceiving you, this is far from an optical illusion.

What are we actually talking about? We all know the powerful effect that wearing contact lenses has on individuals. Regular contacts are worn by millions globally where they have the opportunity to see clearer.

There are daily contacts as well as monthly ones to choose from. Whatever your lens of choice may be, you may possibly spill your solution after this latest revelation.

The Technology

Many scientists are starting to realise the potential of something which is known as metamaterials. Hold the front page

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Study Shows Link Between Macular Pigment and Alzheimer’s

A new study which was carried out for BBC’s ‘Trust Me, I’m A Doctor’ programme has found a strong link between the levels of macular pigment and Alzheimer’s disease.

This new discovery means that getting your bi-annual eye exam could help you spot the signs of early Alzheimer’s much sooner than before.

In 2014, The Journal of Alzeheimer’s Disease published a study of 36 patients with early Alzheimer’s disease as well as 33 control subjects in the same age range.

All 69 subjects were tested for levels of macular pigment using something known as the heterochromatic

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Brain Training App Claims Spectacular Move Away From Reading Glasses

When you think about some of the leading tecchie hubs in the world, you might consider Silicone Roundabout in London, or Silicon Valley in California.

But from cool California, another tech hub is emerging – Israel. That’s right folks, the land of milk and honey is where it is at right now.

At present there is plenty of dynamism and thirst for Israel’s tech startups. The scene is awash with venture capitalist sticking their two or three million shekels worth in. Israel’s worth on the stock market is estimated to be worth in excess of $40 million – oy vey.

Pioneering innovation

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