Time to go Responsive!

Over the coming weeks and months we will be moving our website to a new ‘Responsive’ design, this will ensure that our website looks great on everything from your mobile device to your tablet and right up to that big screen desktop display you have in your office or home!  This change will mean it will be easier to use our website while away from your desktop, giving you a better shopping experience whilst on the go.

The first changes will be occurring this week starting with the main homepage.  Search result pages and product pages will be changing in the coming weeks!

Just some

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Contact Lenses For Dogs - From SelectSpecs.com

Contact Lenses for Dogs – Only from SelectSpecs.com

When was the last time your loyal best friend had their eyes tested?

Does your dog like to play ‘Fetch’?


Perhaps your four-legged-friend is having trouble seeing the ball or stick after you throw it.

Get your dog’s eye’s tested at SelectSpecs.com Opticians in Westgate-on-Sea, Kent and from 1st April we are now offering Contact Lenses especially designed for dogs.

Fido will be happy and comfortable in his new contact lenses which are easy to fit (our friendly optometrist will show you how), and they will stay in place all day long – even if Fido decides to jump in

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SelectSpecs.com Black Friday Sale

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale: 25% OFF Designer Glasses and Sunglasses

First of all – Happy Thanksgiving Day to our friends across the pond.

To celebrate, we are starting our amazing Black Friday Sale a day early.

We’re giving a massive 25% OFF Designer Frames with the discount code: “BLACKFRIDAY”.  This is the BIGGEST EVER discount code we have ever offered, so don’t hang about.

To take advantage of this huge discount just enter the Code above at the Shopping Basket Page for 25% Off your Designer Frames.

Best of all, we are extending this sale over the weekend and Cyber Monday too!

Spot the Deals

This is a great opportunity to get a whopping 25

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Keeping your glasses clean – How to and Tips!

We wash our clothes to keep them clean after we wear them; so why are glasses any different? Natural salts and oils in your skin can have a negative impact on your glasses if you don’t keep them tip-top, especially if they’re worn through action-packed sports hobbies or nearly demolished by the kids.  That’s why we’ve decided to give you a word of advice, or two, to ensure any new glasses you’ve purchased from us stay looking that way.

Keep them protected

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the benefits of locking away your glasses in a hard case when you’re not

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Behind The Specs

Eyewear is by all means a necessity and a frill at the same time, but when it comes to quirky facts about it, can you think of any interesting pieces of information that is worth knowing?  If you do… well, lucky you I have dug out a few interesting facts about the so-beloved spectacles.

Eyewear has undergone quite a few transformations since its inception and it’s still evolving

Back in the day, around 1000 AD, the so-called reading stone, which represented a hemispherical lens, was first used as a reading-facilitating tool. It was quite simple, if we look at it from our modern, ultra tech point of view, but it did the job. The reading stone went on to take a more sophisticated

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Google Glass – Hot or Not!

Google glass is being tested by a wide range of people, such as Doctors, Hikers, Teachers, DJ’s and even Zookeepers. At the moment the design looks like a prop for a science fiction movie, however they are looking into implementing the technology on designer glasses. The idea of the Google Glass is to wear it like a Smartphone. Some 10000 people are testing the early version at the moment. So I think ideally those glasses are being made for anyone and everyone. Having said that the initial version looks like a prop for a science fiction movie, as mentioned the designers Ray-Ban

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Five Star Wars Characters Who Need Glasses #StarWarsDay

The Stormtrooper with poor height perception

Yep, we all know and kind of love this guy. We bet you’ve at least once sat down to watch ‘A New Hope’ and pointed this clanger out to your friends/family/pets. It’s a classic and fully unintended moment in the legendary original Holy Trinity of Star Wars movies.

Enjoy it in repeated and slo-mo glory by watching the video below:

Those totally were the droids you were looking for

It appears Stormtroopers, as a species, need to come to us to get their eyes checked.

While you watch this scene, bear in mind

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