rhian lewis bionic eye

The Age of the Bionic Eye

We’ve all seen sci-fi films which feature a bionic eye one way or another, but who knew it would actually be developed and is now giving blind people the gift of sight once again!

Oxford’s John Radcliffe hospital has been undergoing trials for a new pioneering implant – an electronic, ‘bionic’ implant, which has been tested since 2012. The newest generation of the implant has been trailed on Rhian Lewis, 49 a mother of two from Cardiff and was the first time the implant has been trialled outside of Germany.

Rhian lost her sight in her right eye 16 years

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Man Sees Colour Thanks To Super Specs

You wont believe your eyes about what we’re about to tell you. If ever there was a Christmas tale to cheer you up then here it is dear reader.

For the very first time, someone has been shown their true colours. A 23 year old man, once colourblind is no longer due to a snazzy pair of EnChroma specs. In fact it was actually a birthday gift he treated himself to.

These pair of glasses were purchased by Alex Kriz and turned out to have a unique gift of their own. EnChroma glasses are extremely special as they utilise a ground breaking technology for colour blind sufferers. The glasses allow

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British Airways Pilot in Shocking Laser Eye Attack

We all know too well the damage that laser pens can wreak on our eyes. But for one BA co-pilot, things became even more serious when a military strength laser was shone directly into the cockpit. As a result of this laser attack, the individual received major damage to his peepers including burnt retinas.

Playing with lasers is literally a dangerous game to play. Yes it might be all Star Wars and Luke Skywalker from time to time but these gizmos have serious consequences. According to the UK Health Protection Agency, they strongly advise that green pointers can lead to abnormal vision.

In fact

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Beetles Are Able to Grow Special Bifocal Eyes!

Go on, I dare you to say Beetlejuice three times – but before you cower behind the sofa, you might want to peel back your eyes.

It turns out that the humble diving beetle has the ability to grow bifocals all by themselves.

The complexity of this appears to be mind boggling in its own right, not to mention eye-popping! It’s astounded many a boffin across several labs already and according to the men in white coats, a study into the eye development of a diving beetle has found its eye parts change significantly as a result of moulted larvae.

Appearing as a bush tucker trial dish on

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It’s The Dogs: US Firm Launches Protective Sunglasses For Pooches!

Cats playing the piano on the web is just so last year. How about funky sunglasses for dogs? Now we’re talking!

We all love our pets and many of us can’t get enough of pampering our beloved pooches. But for one company in the US, they have now taken their passion for dogs that one step further.

Introducing protective sunglasses for Fido or that special little Buster. These doggie goggles, or doggles, were the inspiration of a company from Wyoming. Their main benefits include protecting dogs eyes from a host of weather elements such as UV rays and dust.

Say goodbye to your doggie collars and

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Google Glass 2: Without A Screen?

It seems like things on the surface are not as they appear over at Google. In spite of the tepid reception these glasses received, everything doesn’t seem all that its cracked up to be!

Since the initial product was introduced back in 2013, it has attempted to captivate audiences. Offering its slick design coupled with fast information, Google Glass provided the ability to capture hand-free images as well as bring up speedy information.

So whether you needed to to check the latest weather updates or flight times, its navigation was second to none. However, reports have surfaced about the

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Tech: Keep Track of Your Health with New Jins Meme Glasses 

When it comes to our own health some take the attitude that out of sight is out of mind. However, for many of us, health monitors and trackers have been taken to all new levels.

This is largely in part thanks to our smartphones which have opened up a world of tracking. The way in which we connect on a physical plane has been transformed through this humble device.

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