Google Glass – Hot or Not!

Google glass is being tested by a wide range of people, such as Doctors, Hikers, Teachers, DJ’s and even Zookeepers. At the moment the design looks like a prop for a science fiction movie, however they are looking into implementing the technology on designer glasses. The idea of the Google Glass is to wear it like a Smartphone. Some 10000 people are testing the early version at the moment. So I think ideally those glasses are being made for anyone and everyone. Having said that the initial version looks like a prop for a science fiction movie, as mentioned the designers Ray-Ban</s

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Five Star Wars Characters Who Need Glasses #StarWarsDay

The Stormtrooper with poor height perception

Yep, we all know and kind of love this guy. We bet you’ve at least once sat down to watch ‘A New Hope’ and pointed this clanger out to your friends/family/pets. It’s a classic and fully unintended moment in the legendary original Holy Trinity of Star Wars movies.

Enjoy it in repeated and slo-mo glory by watching the video below:


Those totally were the droids you were looking for

It appears Stormtroopers, as a species, need to come to us to get their eyes checked.

While you watch this scene, bear in

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Celebrity Status for SelectSpecs – Our Wayfarer Style Glasses are Featured in a Play

The Seagull At The Theatre Royal

SelectSpecs glasses are to be featured in ‘The Seagull’ play performed at Margate Theatre Royal.

Selectspecs are proud to announce that our popular Savannah P2383 budget glasses will be reaching stardom and making an appearance in the play ‘The Seagull’ at the Theatre Royal in Margate, Kent between the 6 - 9th February.

The P2383 Black frame is being worn by the established actor and writer Paul Curd who is playing the role of Dr Dorn.  Th

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7 Awesome Bionic Contact Lenses of the Future


Google’s new experimental project is inventing ‘Smart contact lenses’ to help people with diabetes to manage their disease by measuring the glucose levels in their tears.  At present, most people with the disease monitor their glucose levels by testing drops of blood.

It’s early days yet but a tiny wireless chip and miniaturised glucose sensor is to be embedded between two layers of lens material.  It will continuously monitor the level of glucose in the bloodstream and relay that information to a smartphone or computer.  This will prevent the more serious side effects before

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SelectSpecs Frames of the Year Awards 2013

It’s that time of year again, the Christmas holidays are just days away and I haven’t even started my shopping yet – Crumbs!!!

But that’s not important right now, because we’ve just spent the last week, going over all our favourite glasses and sunglasses from the last year and picked out our choice for “Best of the Best” in a variety of different categories and price points.

We’ve come up with an impressive selection of prescription glasses and designer sunglasses that meet or exceed an exceptional level of quality, designed to a unique and impressive

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Adidas Sports Sunglasses Now Available

Adidas Sports Sunglasses from are proud to announce that we are now an official retailer of Adidas Performance Eyewear.

The perfect sports glasses

Developed for athletes and with athletes

Adidas eyewear are sports glasses with highly functional frames and high quality filters.

Whether bike, golf, running, outdoor or snow

According to your needs and sport type the individual features are optimally combined.

For world records and personal bests

The perfect outdoor equipment for demanding customers.

The perfect protection

Eyes need the best protection. Frames, lenses and filters from adidas eyewear combine high end materials and high tech innovations into a functional unit. The perfect combination for perfect moments.

Because every moment is valuable.


The Choice of Britain’s Top Athletes

Adidas is the brand

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