Quiksilver and Roxy Designer Prescription Glasses

By James (SelectSpecs) - June 23, 2008

We have just added a VERY limited number of Quiksilver and Roxy Designer Prescription Glasses to our website.  Here are just a couple of examples: Quiksilver 2420 - The Graff - Gents Prescription Glasses Quiksilver 2420 – The Graff – £105.40 Roxy 2403 - Moonlite - Ladies Prescription Glasses  Roxy 2403 – Moonlite – £105.40 These great prices include Standard or Thin & Light Lenses, Anti Reflection, UV Protection, and Scratch Resistance. These are a limited supply so get them while you can!

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James (SelectSpecs)

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One Response to “Quiksilver and Roxy Designer Prescription Glasses”

  1. Chris says:
    July 17th, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    We still have some Quicksilver and Roxy frames available for sale. Don’t forget, when they’ve gone, they’re gone!

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