The Perils of Winter Wear

 It’s winter again.

The rain and the snow. The worries for our sights.
Will we fall and break them,
Will we lose our vision as the sleet stings our faces and covers our lenses.
Take them off. We can see better although squinting as we go.

As we put our hand over our brow.
Stopping the snow and the rain from distorting our vision. As we battle with the elements.
Manoeuvring around with our big boots and warm coats.

Many a times the frustration as we wipe them clear to see. As we walk or work outside.
As we search for a solution. What do we do?

With the professionals to hand I have a plan!

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Struggles Glasses Wearers can all relate to

18 Struggles That All Glasses Wearers Can Relate To

The struggle is real guys, and we know it. I have a love-hate relationship with my glasses. Like most people, I like the fact that I can, y’know, see things. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t the most annoying restrictive things anyone can wear. Check out my 18 most traumatising struggles – I bet you can relate.

1. Putting on eye make-up 

Let’s face it. Once you take your glasses off, you’re essentially blind, and armed with an eyeliner pencil. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Whoever thought that was a good idea?  When you get it right though

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Under Review: Infinity, Savannah and Antares Frames (Video)

The very kind people at Selectspecs let me review six of their lovely frames that won’t burn a hole in your wallet with price tags all under £70 – including a pair that are just £10 if you’re on a budget. Under review in this video are two frames from Infinity, one from Savannah and three from Antares – all available online at

Infinity 9923

First up were these Blue and White framed pair from Infinity

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SelectSpecs in Daily Mirror – Best Value By Far

SelectSpecs has received a nice mention in the Daily Mirror today (4th March 2011) thanks to our unbeatable value for money compared to both the High Street Opticians and our online competitors.

No one can even get close to our Value Glasses Range (£6 + delivery) and we even include ALL the coatings in the price – UV Protection, Anti-Reflection and Scratch Resistant coatings.  Others charge extra for these essential coatings.

Even on Designer Frames we cannot be touched since we offer thinner 1.56 index Thin & Light Lenses as standard on all but our Value (£6) Prescription Glasses

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Forget fiddly contact lenses at festivals, take a £6 pair of glasses instead

School may be out for summer but the festival season is far from over. Reading Festival – the mother of them all – is still to come at the end of August (27th-29th), followed by Bestival in September (9th-12th), two of the season’s unmissable events. Now the whole point of going to a festival is to step outside of your comfort zone, throw caution to the wind, follow your heart, not wash, stay up all night – in other words, do whatever you damn well please. However, there are some aspects of your usual daily routine that refuse to be shrugged off, even

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