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Encouraging Your Child To Wear Their Glasses

It can sometimes be difficult to encourage your child to wear their glasses. We look at the psychology behind non-compliance, and give you the skills you need to teach your child how to see the world clearly through glasses.

Uncomfortable Frames

There are many reasons why your child might not want to wear glasses, and it is important to think through the possibilities, to understand exactly what to do about it. It could be that your child’s glasses are uncomfortable and require further adjustment to fit properly.  Your optician should happily

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World Diabetes Day: Diabetes and Eye Health

Diabetes is a life-long condition which can affect your blood sugar levels, by causing them to be too low or too high. However, it also has a significant impact upon eye health, and is actually one of the most common causes of sight loss among people of working age. To commemorate World Diabetes Day 2015, we explore the symptoms of diabetes and the effects of diabetic retinopathy, and we share our tips for good eye health with you.

Diabetes is a common condition, and there are two different types. In Type 1 diabetes, the body’s immune system attacks and

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Surgeons Perform Pioneering Operation to Find Cure for Blindness

Surgeons at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London have performed an operation many are saying could lead to a cure for blindness.

The operation performed last month on a 60-year old woman who developed Macula Degeneration involved “seeding” a tiny patch of healthy eye cells and implanting it at the back of the retina.

So how can this help in getting her sight back?  First, let’s take a look at what Macula Degeneration is and how it can affect any of us:

What is Macula Degeneration?

The Macula is a very small part of the retina that converts the light entering the eye into an image; helping us to read, write

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Reading and Understanding Your Glasses Prescription

In the same way every snowflake is unique, so are our eyes. No one person’s eyes are the same, even twins, unless they’re connected at the eye; in that case, the apocalypse is upon us, good luck.

For the rest of us, our eyes vary in shape, size and color. It’s that same uniqueness that posses a problem when our eyes age and our vision gets worse. That’s why there’s no one size fits all solution to vision care.

If you’re experiencing worsening vision, and let’s be honest who isn’t, then you’re most likely going to need to wear at least <a title="New Glasses for 2015 at SelectSpecs

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OCT Test at

My First OCT Advanced Eye Test at SelectSpecs Opticians

I have been wearing glasses for a few years now, my eyesight is not exactly terrible but as I suffer from really irritating migraines with aura, its important to me that my eyes are not strained. I was well overdue an eye-test so decided to book one in with SelectSpecs. I was also given the opportunity to have an OCT eye scan (the most cutting edge scan in eye health) which was quite an experience.

The Eye-Test

The initial eye-test was detailed but straight-forward. After the Pre-Screening, I was asked by the wonderfully friendly optician to read out certain lines of letters and text, I was then asked to

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£10 OFF an Eye Test with

Get £10 OFF your first Eye Exam at Opticians is now open on the high street and taking bookings for Eye Exams.

Book your eye test at our Westgate-on-Sea branch and get £10 OFF your first sight test with us, all you have to do is ask: -

"Can I have £10 OFF Please?"

or - tell us where you saw this advert.

Booking Your Eye Test

You can book your appointment either in-store, or by phoning our Eye Test Booking Line on 01843 830379. 

Please note, this phone line is for sight test bookings only and is not linked to our website orders.  If you have a question about a website order you should use our "Contact Us" page here, or chat to a member of our customer service team using our Live Chat service.

Our Eye Test Booking Line is only manned during store opening hours - listed below.

Opening Hours & Where to Find Us

Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 17:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 16:00
Sunday: Closed

Our flagship store is located in Westgate-on-Sea, Kent, UK, close to the stunning Kent coastline and surrounded by coffee shops and bakeries perfect for a spot of lunch. Our store features over 1000 budget and designer frames on display with friendly staff on hand to guide you through your purchase.

By Car

By Train

You can find us at the following address:

37 Station Road
Westgate on Sea

FREE on road parking.

We are located opposite the Westgate-on-Sea Train Station.

Westgate-on-Sea station can be reached on the London Victoria to Ramsgate line.

Exit Westgate-on-Sea station and we're across the road to your right. Simple!

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Visual symptoms you should never ignore

The standard advice given to us by our optician is to get our eyes tested every 2 years, but just how seriously do most of us take this recommendation? Just like having regular dentist appointments, people often become complacent about such health checks, justifying it by saying ‘my vision is fine’ etc. The problem with statements like this is that often your vision changes so slowly, you wouldn’t actually realise it and you could consequently be driving below the legal visual driving requirements. If you can’t be convinced to have your eyes tested every 2 years, let me at least tell

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