5 Tips on How to Choose Sunglasses for Someone Else

Sunglasses make great Christmas and birthday gifts because they are an affordable kind of luxury when compared to gifting favourites such as designer handbags and shoes; so if you’re feeling the pinch this year, you can still make someone feel really special with a pair of designer sunnies. They also make great gifts because they are relatively easy to choose and can be used all year round. But we’re not saying that shopping for eyewear gifts is a walk in the park either; there are still a few style rules to follow if you’re shopping for a friend or family member. So to give you some assistance

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How to Choose Sunglasses for the Winter

I once had a friend called The Fonz. My friends and I first gave him this nickname when we first discovered that he never left the house without his leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses. In fact, he rarely attended an event, day or night, summer or winter, without his trusty Ray Bans. We holidayed in Ibiza; naturally, he sported sunglasses throughout the duration. We holidayed in Prague over Christmas; again, he wasn’t without his shades. That was ten years ago. Ten years ago, when I (and maybe the rest of the world too) were less educated about eye health. But today, my friends and I realise

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Can You See My Eyes? – A Guide to Oakley Sunglass Lenses by Oakley Superfan EyeSpy0099

Oakley Superfan and YouTube User EyeSpy0099 has produced a few videos on his channel that caught our attention.  This helpful fellow in Miami, Florida produces video reviews and features on guns, knives and Oakley Sunglasses (amongst other things).

Needless to say, he really knows his stuff when it comes to Oakley sunglasses and he’s certainly not short on choice when it comes to deciding what sunglasses to wear for the day.  His Oakley Sunglasses collection is something to behold.

Okay, so some of these videos are a little old now and some models featured may be discontinued by now, but

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Five Tips to Choosing the Right Sunglasses for You

Selecting new sunglasses can be a little tricky, what with all the different shapes and sizes, but shopping for a new pair of sunglasses doesn’t have to be a daunting and difficult task.  Here are a few pointers that should help you pick out the perfect pair.

1. Choose the pair that complements the shape of your face

For people with a heart-shaped face, avoid aviators and cat-eye styles sunglasses as they will accentuate their typically narrow jaw line, high cheek bones, and narrow chin.  In contrast,  people with an oval face, can practically wear any style of sunglasses since most shapes will complement their well balanced facial features.


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Dario Franchitti Wins Emotional Third Indy 500

Scottish racing driver Dario Franchitti won the Indianapolis 500 for the third time in his career last night in what proved to be an exciting and incredibly emotional race.  With a record 35 lead-changes during the race, it was the most closely fought race in Indianapolis history.

The Indy 500 is one of the biggest events events in motorsport dating back to 1911 and always draws massive crowds – it is said to be the biggest single-day sporting event in the world in terms of spectator attendance.  British drivers have had great success at the Indy 500 winning 5 of the last 8 races, and

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New Oakley Sunglasses 2012

Anyone who wears sunglasses - so everyone then - has heard of Oakley.  It goes without saying that Oakley Sunglasses are one of the biggest brands on the market, and way up there in the popularity stakes with Ray-Ban, Police Sunglasses, Maui Jim and the best of the best.

This week we completed a major update to our Oakley sunglasses selection, so if you're looking for something cool, or a bit sporty then make sure you check out our full collection of Men's or Oakley Women's sunglasses, because we have some real quality pieces to choose from.  And don't forget, you can always pop into our store and see what we have there for you to try on in person.

Lets take a look at some of the new additions.

Limited Edition Max Fear Light Oakley Scalpel

This is a great looking pair of sunglasses and suits just about any face, in fact I'm very tempted to go for these myself in the Ducati Edition, or maybe even the Casey Stoner MotoGP Edition - since he's just announced his retirement from the sport, that could make them quite the sought-after pair of collectable sunglasses, no doubt set to increase in value!

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Oakley Team GB Sunglasses for the London 2012 Olympic Games

There are some pretty big events on the calendar for the year 2012, not least The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, some mega comic book movies (Avengers Assemble, The Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Knight Rises) and the end of the world in December, but for me the real highlight of 2012 has to be the Olympic Games in London.  I'm just waiting for my tickets to arrive for the 400m finals, it's going to be awesome.

If you're lucky enough to be going to the games just like me, you might want to consider picking up a Union Jack to wave from the stands and a pair of Limited Edition Team GB Oakley Sunglasses.

Team GB Radar Path

Oakley Team GB Radar Path London 2012 Olympic Games Sunglasses from SelectSpecs - ss621_20_1

Oakley Team GB Radar Path Sunglasses - London 2012 Olympic Games Limited Edition.

These Oakley Radar Path Team GB sunglasses feature the dark blue colour of our favourite athlete's kits with red ear socks, Red Iridium lenses and the Union Jack in the Oakley Icon on the temples.  They also come with a Team GB branded soft cloth bag to store them in when not in use.  Me want!!!

Team GB Flak Jacket XLJ

Oakley Team GB Flak Jacket XLJ London 2012 Olympic Sunglasses from SelectSpecs

Oakley Team GB Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses - London 2012 Olympic Games Limited Edition.

The lightweight Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Team GB sunglasses, also have the blue of our athlete's team colours, but this time have white highlights on the temples and ear socks.  These feature grey polarized lenses, so will block out any glare from reflective surfaces such as water if watching rowing or sailing events, or just after some light rain has fallen on the race track.  Just like the Radar Path, these also feature the Union Jack Oakley Icon and the Team GB branded soft cloth bag to store them in when you're not wearing them... which for me would never.

I'll take both of these sunglasses please.

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