Maui Jim Sunglasses Now Available In-Store

Maui Jim Sunglasses Available In-Store at SelectSpecs

Top Hawaiian sunglasses brand Maui Jim are now available In-Store at SelectSpecs.  Maui Jim sunglasses really do have to be seen to be believed; it’s true what they say – “Not all sunglasses are the same”.  The difference between a cheap pair of sunglasses from the local supermarket and Maui Jim’s is clear as soon as you pick them up.  Take a look through the PolarizedPlus2 Lenses and you literally won’t believe your eyes.

Some designer sunglasses brands sit firmly in the fashion corner of the market – not that there’s anything wrong wi... read more

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Fernando Alonso wears Oakley Jupiter Squared Sunglasses In Malaysia – and Wins!

Alonso in Oakley Sunglasses at Malaysian GP 2012 - SelectSpecs

Former double Formula One World Champion Fernando Alonso was seen wearing these cool Oakley Sunglasses at the Malaysian GP last weekend during interviews and while walking around the paddock.  Alonso and his Ferrari teammate Felipe Massa were expected to struggle this weekend after their poor pre-season testing and general lack of performance in Melbourne, Australia.

But the Ferrari team were over the moon after Alonso pulled off a surprising victory in rainy conditions, which were bad enough to red-flag the race after only 9 laps of racing.  When the race resumed, and after a round o... read more

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Eye Protection for the Ski Slopes

Bolle Goggles at the Winter Olympics

Eye protection while on the ski slopes is crucial. Your eyes can be damaged by the snow, wind, cold, sun and glare. Unexpected circumstances, such as whipping tree branches, falling ice and thrown snowballs can also injure eyes. Because your eyes require a high level of protection, what are some of the things you should consider when looking for the proper protective eye gear?

Protection in a Variety of Lights

Your eyes are not safe from ultraviolet (UV) rays on an overcast or cloudy day. Because of elevation and glare from snow, eye damage can be severe. Not all sports eye wear offers protection on ski slopes. Light, w... read more

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Anyone for Tennis?


Summer is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere (if the calendar is to be believed), and the public tennis courts are crowded with budding Tim Henman’s (or should that be Andy Murray’s?) across the UK after the annual Strawberries & Cream fest that is Wimbledon.  And what a year it was, some even going as far as to say it was the greatest final ever!  Personally I haven’t lived that long to make such a claim myself but we can all agree that on the whole it was brilliant. And for us folks in the UK, we did in fact have something to cheer about this year as yo... read more

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