Colour Psychology in Fashion: What Does the Colour of Your Glasses Say About You?

The clothes we wear and the accessories that we choose to adorn ourselves with are much more than aesthetics. As someone who has worked in the fashion industry for a long time, I believe that fashion isn’t frivolous. It’s a part of who we are. It’s art. It’s life. And it’s self-expression.

When Mary Quant invented the mini skirt in the 1960s, she told the world that she wanted to create a fun style that allowed women to “run for the bus”. She changed lives with one single statement, liberating women everywhere. Since then, women have felt more open to use their clothing

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child with glasses funny

Encouraging Your Child To Wear Their Glasses

It can sometimes be difficult to encourage your child to wear their glasses. We look at the psychology behind non-compliance, and give you the skills you need to teach your child how to see the world clearly through glasses.

Uncomfortable Frames

There are many reasons why your child might not want to wear glasses, and it is important to think through the possibilities, to understand exactly what to do about it. It could be that your child’s glasses are uncomfortable and require further adjustment to fit properly.  Your optician should happily

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4 Foods to Help Improve Eye Health

Good eye health is something that should be promoted from a very early age. It’s one of the things that is often overlooked in life; yet it’s something that most of us couldn’t imagine living without. Being able to see is a precious gift, a blessing that will inevitably diminish as we grow old. So we need to do everything we can to ensure our eye health is as good as can be in the present.

Wearing polarised sunglasses all year round and using spectacles for driving / reading / using a computer goes without saying for most of us. The way we look after our eyes has improved greatly over

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The Perils of Winter Wear

 It’s winter again.

The rain and the snow. The worries for our sights.
Will we fall and break them,
Will we lose our vision as the sleet stings our faces and covers our lenses.
Take them off. We can see better although squinting as we go.

As we put our hand over our brow.
Stopping the snow and the rain from distorting our vision. As we battle with the elements.
Manoeuvring around with our big boots and warm coats.

Many a times the frustration as we wipe them clear to see. As we walk or work outside.
As we search for a solution. What do we do?

With the professionals to hand I have a plan!

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6 Essential Rules to Choosing Glasses Online

It is time to look through the looking glass that little bit further. Do you know your bifocals from your varifocals? Not focused at all on achieving the right look? Well, fret not dear friends as help is at hand.

When it comes to selecting the correct of pair glasses there are numerous aspects to take into consideration. Yes, it may very well be a spectacle minefield out there but you don’t have to get misty eyed over anything.

From the get go, investing in a pair of glasses has to suit your specific requirements. Don’t fall foul of buying a cheap

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Framing Fashion: A Hip History of Spectacles

Glasses were originally designed to correct our sight, a medical aid for people with impaired vision. Although their style has been influenced by fashion throughout history, it wasn’t until the 20th century that specs became cool in their own right. We explore how spectacles have become a major style statement!

Let’s start in the 15th century, when the ownership of a nice pair of spectacles was a good way of discerning yourself from the hoi-polloi. Only the wealthy and literate had specs-appeal, such as members of the clergy, academics and the gentry.

However, following the advent of mechanisation

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How a Bookworm Can Benefit from Good Reading Glasses 1

How a Bookworm Can Benefit from Good Reading Glasses

For many of us, there are few experiences that relax and satisfy more than sitting down somewhere comfortable and getting stuck into a book. Exciting new novels are getting published daily, while classic literary works from the likes of Dickens, Austen and the Brontë sisters can be freely downloaded to ebook readers. Still, however and whatever you read, we can point you in the right direction should your eyes begin struggling to discern those words on the page as clearly as they used to.

Are those words looking blurrier than usual?

You could be well into your adulthood, or even elderly years, and still have sufficiently good vision to

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