Eye Test may detect Alzheimer’s disease before symptoms develop.


Research currently underway by scientists from the University College London believe Alzheimer’s and other diseases could be detected by a simple and inexpensive eye test that could be available from high street practices within the next five years.

The non-invasive method uses fluorescent markers, which enable early indication of brain cell death by attaching to dying cells on the retina. The dying cells absorb the fluorescent dye which show up as green dots. (Image Below)

These experiments are currently being tested on mice, but the first human trials could begin this year. This fund... read more

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Eye Health Awareness Week 2010 – Day 5: A recipe for healthy eyes


A varied and balanced diet should supply us with sufficient quantities of all the vitamins and trace elements needed to keep us in good health, but if you are particularly concerned about protecting your eyes and vision, there are several specific nutrients that can be easily incorporated into everyday eating. Of course, the shelves of health food shops are stacked with a wide range of supplements that can aid eye health, but the fact that the three main vitamin groups that protect eyes are found in so many everyday foods makes this the best place to start.

Eating carrots to help see in... read more

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Glaucoma Awareness Week 7th – 13th June 2010

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness, believed to affect more than 70 million people worldwide. A study by the National research strategy for ophthalmology discovered that 500,000 people in England and Wales alone suffer from some type of Glaucoma, that’s about two out of 100 people over the age of 40, and astonishingly half of these people are gradually losing their sight and completely unaware of their condition. Future Sight Loss UK who analyze the incidence, distribution and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health found that the dete... read more

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Gordon Brown says “My Eyesight is Fine”

Gordon Brown retinal tear

Gordon Brown recently had his annual eye check up at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, a statement from 10 Downing street said that surgeons discovered two tears to his retina of his remaining good eye.

Mr Brown said “I had been to see my doctors, they looked at my eyes. I did have a lot of operations when i was young, i went through quite a difficult time. They managed to save my eyesight and it is not deteriorating, everything is fine”

Further operations are not required as surgeons have found no deterioration or no significant change to his vision.

To view the original BBC interview cl... read more

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Bionic Eye Becomes a Reality Helping a Blind Man to See Again

We were very interested and excited to hear the news of a man who says he can now see flashes of light for the first time since he lost his sight 30 years ago thanks to a new bionic eye. It sounds like science fiction, but it is a great sign of what might actually be possible in the future. Ron, who is in his seventies had the experimental surgery seven months ago and now says he can follow white lines on the road and even sort out his socks thanks to his new bionic eye. Ron’s wife is especially pleased, saying “I’ve taught him how to use the washing m... read more

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New Article: Learn about the Anatomy of the Eye

Following on from a recent post regarding our glasses guide – guide to buying glasses online article, we have now posted a new article for those interested in learning a little bit about the structure of the eye, this article covers the following areas:

  • Cornea
  • Aqueous
  • Iris
  • Crystalline Lens
  • Sclera
  • Choroid
  • Retina
  • Vitreous
  • Optic Nerve

To read more, please view the article found here: glasses guide – guide to buying glasses online

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