Recent Updates – Including Police Eyewear with up to 15% OFF

Apart from recently adding new brands like Salvatore Ferragamo to our website we are always updating all the rest of our ranges too.  There are literally updates daily throughout the site.

This week alone we have updated the following ranges on our site: –

  • Police Optical Glasses
  • Police Sunglasses
  • Police Kids Sunglasses
  • Lanvin Paris Optical
  • Lanvin Paris Sunglasses
  • Oakley Optical
  • Oakley Women Optical
  • Bolle Sunglasses
  • Bolle Kids Sunglasses
  • Cebe Sunglasses
  • Cebe Junior Sunglasses
  • Serengeti Sunglasses

Get Up To 15% OFF for a Limited Time

Police Eyewear in particular has received a major update to its optical and sunglasses collections.  As a result we would like to offer our customers a significant discount of Up To 15% OFF our normal prices on Police eyewear for a limited time only.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to enter any tricky codes or select the right

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Lots of New Brands & General Summer Clear Out

We’ve been keeping busy in the SelectSpecs Towers even during the height of our slightly disappointing British Summer – We don’t take holidays round here 😉  During the last month we’ve added a heap of new products to the site including 7 brand new ranges and a large selection of new children’s prescription glasses available in store.

These new Italia Independent 090T Limited Edition London 2012 Thermo Colour Changing Sunglasses are the perfect partner for the Olympic Games.  As the temperature rises in the Olympic Park, the dark navy blue frame (above

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Summer Update

Just because it’s Summer it doesn’t mean to say we slow down or take any holidays.  We’ve been plugging away like nobody’s business to continue updating the site with the latest products, updates and price changes.

That’s right folks, we don’t just add new products to our site but we remove old stock too, and that’s great news for you because we are now offering significant discounts on some of our ranges with heavily discounted prices on some older models from brands like these: –

  • Oakley Glasses
  • Oakley Sunglasses
  • Bvlgari Glasses
  • Bvlgari Sunglasses
  • D&G Glasses

Including these Oakley Fives sunglasses for under £58 (only while

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May Updates to SelectSpecs

Okay, so we are a good week into June now, the much needed extra holiday for the nation has thrown everything out a bit, but we are fully back into the swing of things now.  I have been looking over the monthly reports from May and thought I would share our updates on the blog since it has clearly been another big month.

We are constantly refreshing and updating our website and product ranges every day of the week.  After all,  it is our goal is to give you – our customers

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Another busy month in the SelectSpecs Towers

Not content with working late into the night to launch our first high street store in April, we have been breaking our backs to keep refreshing and updating our website and product ranges too.

Our goal is to give our customers – both online and in-store – the best choice of budget and designer prescription glasses and sunglasses available.

Updating existing ranges with the latest models and colour options is only the beginning, there are also price changes throughout many

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Thousands of New Products Every Month

Every month at SelectSpecs we are working overtime to keep on bringing you the most up-to-date selection of Prescription Glasses and Designer Sunglasses possible.  Here are some stats from the month of October alone: –

  • 4562 – Total new items added to site
  • 7058 – New images uploaded to site
  • 3479 – Old or discontinued models removed
  • 49 – Different ranges updated with the latest models, colours and prices
  • 1 – New designer brand
  • 2 – New budget brands

More to come

Each and every month we are pushing to add more choice to our (already massive) selection, which grows literally by the day, so you’re sure to find something new every time you visit our site.  If you follow our facebook page you may have seen that we have just taken delivery of yet another new Designer Brand.

This new luxury brand looks to have some real quality and

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