Antares J511 Frames makes great “Eye Candy”!


The Antares Ladies’ eye-wear collection is certainly not for the Introvert.

It’s all about expressing one’s character in addition to making a bold fashion statement.
Antares prove that eye-wear doesn’t solely have to be utilized for practical purposes, but can also be used as a notable fashion piece in complimenting one’s style.

Antares J511 Orange

These J511 Frames come in 4 different colours

Pink, Burgundy, Orange and Brown.  The choice of colours makes a sweet, yet dynamic punch, in their overall aesthetic look.
Antares J511 PinkThe frames’ have a slick, concise yet unique shape, which is mildly reminiscent to 50’s Retro Chic, making it ideal for those who love to embody the more vintage look.

By Antares applying such flamboyant and daring colours into the product, it makes them a strong contender in today’s fashion trends, including both formal and casual occasions.  Overall, Antares frames are ‘stand out from the crowd’ pieces because of their initial look, but they are also incredibly versatile as to what styles and audience they can apply to.

Antares J511 BurgundyAt a price of just £65 (including FREE Thin & Light Lenses and coatings) they are certainly worth considering and can be purchased from here.

Antares J511 Brown

These Frames are:

  • Suitable for Ladies
  • Ready for Single Vision Lenses
  • Ready for Bifocal Lenses
  • Ready for Varifocal/Multifocal Lenses

IMG_0552-2bonnie candy!!!

Get your Sugar Rush for Colour now!!

Have you decided which Colour is for you?

Click here to view the full Antares range.

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