Aviator Style: Reinvented Trendiness


Actors like Gerard Butler cherish personal style and never leave their home without a pair of aviators. Maybe this is because this popular model never goes out of fashion, designers are constantly reinventing its design in order to make it fresh and trendy whilst its characteristic shape, to which this style owes its name, imposes itself as an excellent choice for all different sorts of outfits.

It is obvious that this Scottish lad figured it out a long time ago…

Ray-Ban Aviator at SelectSpecs

Ray-Ban Aviator at SelectSpecs

It also wouldn’t hurt to mention that lots of male celebrities have chosen to wear variations of RB3025 aviator model; even the King of Pop, Michael Jackson himself, owned a pair, as well as a whole entourage of celebrities before him.

All this supports the claim that aviator style will remain fresh even in the years to come. And you don’t have to be a prophet to predict that.

From Gucci eyewear to the most popular Ray-Ban eyewear, the choice of aviators seems endless; and the fact that many models are suitable for prescription lenses is also a very cool trait that shouldn’t be ignored.

Gucci Aviator at SelectSpecs

Gucci Aviator at SelectSpecs

There are many types of aviators to choose from but in the end it all comes down to your personal taste, preferred style and comfort. When picking a pair of sunglasses, you want to feel like they are actually invisible while they protect your eyes from the sun as well as wanting them to be designed in the way to suit your personal taste.

Aviators certainly do boast some awesome features such as thick frame, extra nose support and the different colours of lenses that might come quite handy in the summertime which is irrevocably rushing towards us. Find a perfect pair here at SelectSpecs and don’t let it catch you unprepared…Gerard certainly didn’t.

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