Five Luscious Must Have Prada Frames

I want ALL of these five PRADA frames.  Should I own all five pairs?

It is not often I stumble across a frame that I really like, let alone 5 frames in one go!  This is a bit excessive I know, but I think they are all inspiring and unique.

Founded by Mario Prada in 1913 these PRADA frames all have a strong identity and will appeal to both young or older generations. The frames are also of supreme quality and I adore them all!!

Prada PR 23OV

Prada PR 23OV Prescription Glasses from

For instance, I love the look and feel of the PR 23OV  (JAJ101) frame. It speaks Sophistication and Elegance.  The tapered Bordeaux colour is fab as well. It is definitely a frame that I could wear with ease and confidence on a daily basis.  The originality in style is the reason, amongst others, as to why I love and want them!  Each pair has it’s own exciting features and can be found at SelectSpecs here.

Prada PR 15PV

PRADA PR15PV Gray Gradient MAY101
On a similar platform, the PR 15PV (Colour Gray Gradient Brown MAY101) frame is relaxed with the use of gradient colours and although not as strong in identity as the Bordeaux frame above, they still look an amazingly ‘STYLISH’ frame.  The colour, although subtle, reminds me of those long Summer evenings and that’s a good thing!  These Prada frames are available from us.

Prada PR 03PV

PRADA PR 03PV Opal Olive Green

For a more classic look, then the PR03 PV frame in  OPAL OLIVE GREEN (MAR101) would look great. This frame is actually a lot better in real life than in the picture.  I don’t think the picture does the colour justice or the texture of the frames overall quality.  Neither, in my opinion, would I describe the descriptive colour as ‘Olive Green’ but more of a soft fawn or caramel cream truffle colour.  This Prada frame can be found here.

Prada PR 01PV

PRADA PR01 PV Stripped Opal MAW101
Equally, I also love the ‘WAYFARER STYLE’ and this acetate frame PR 01PV. The striped Opal colour (MAW101) is relaxing and calming. It would certainly accentuate an outfit without being overbearing.   The frame itself,  definitely provides the modern look that is in but equally it doesn’t abandon tradition either.  I like the attention to detail on the arm and personally I think the metal arm is a refreshing feature.  This gorgeous frame can be found here.

Prada PR 05PV

Prada frame PR05 PV Havana 2AU101
Then finally, as a variation to the Wayfarer style but also in keeping with the classic ethos of the Wayfarer frame, I like this fantastic Prada frame as well.  It is bold but sleek at the same time. The ridge detail on the frame however, sets it apart from those very similar in style. This Prada frame is model number PR 05PV (2AU101 Havana) & can be found here at SelectSpecs.

What’s a girl to do?

Perhaps you can understand my dilemma and see why I would want to own them all? All of the frames are really stylish, modern, unique and individual pieces of craftsmanship. In addition, they would suit my varied wardrobe and lifestyle from relaxed traveler to smart but casual-elegance. It sounds shallow, but I would also have a great deal of fun with them and I do believe, as with high-heels, that they would make me stand straight, head held high and put a spring back into my step! :)

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