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Caring for your New Glasses

When you are not wearing your spectacles please keep them in the case provided. The case is designed to shield the glasses against knocks and scratches. If you put your spectacles down, ensure that the lenses are not face down on the surface as this may scratch the lenses.

All rimless glasses are vulnerable to loosening of the sides, this is primarily caused by persistent fiddling with the frame and by cleaning. When cleaning be very gentle and hold the glasses by the edge of the lenses alone - do NOT hold them by the sides or bridge.

Unfortunately no lens material will ever be 100% scratch proof, nevertheless adding a Scratch-Resistant coating will extend the life of the lens preventing the small scratches that occur through day to day handling and cleaning.

Do not leave your spectacles in direct sunlight or near intense heat as this will distort the frame and will damage the lens coatings. Do not to leave your spectacles on the dashboard of the car on a hot summers day.

To protect your lenses, we recommend purchasing our Spectacle Clean and Care Kit, it is advised only to use this once or twice a week to maintain clean scratch free lenses.

We hope you enjoy your new purchase but should you encounter and difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us.