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Guide to Lens Coatings

Anti-Reflective Coating

The surface of a spectacle lens is highly polished to give an absolute smooth finish, this polished surface produces reflections when light is incident on the surface, this could be in the form of sunlight during the day, artificial lights at home or at work or perhaps the head lamps of cars while driving at night, all of which can be troublesome to the wearer causing visual fatigue as well as being extremely irritating. To eliminate these reflections and increase light transmission through the lens an anti-reflective coating can be applied to the lens surface.



Because light travels in waves, when these waves hit the surface of a lens, some light passes through the lens and some light is reflected off the surface, however by adding an anti-reflective coating to the lens the reflections from the front and back surfaces of the coating layer will be out of phase, they will cancel each other out and subsequently less light will be reflected, instead this light will pass through the lens providing you with clear defined vision night or day.



In most cases the reflex that is still visible on the lens surface with an anti-reflective coating applied will appear pale green or blue/green in nature, these colors are used as the wavelength tends to work well with our eyes under normal usage, other colors are available depending upon supplier and specific requirements.

Anti-Reflective coatings come complete with a scratch resistant coating as standard from us. Other benefits include:

- Lenses that appear thin and almost non existent, making your eyes look more natural.

- They are also ideal for computer use and night time driving.

We believe a clear reflection free vision is a must which is why we offer this FREE of charge with any Prescription lenses*

* Not available with standard tints however this can be offered at an additional cost if required.

Hydrophobic & EMR Treatment

Anti-reflection lenses include an additional hydrophobic and oleophobic layer (EMR) that repels water and grease, making them easier to keep clean. Hydrophobic technology allows water to run off your lenses without unwanted water spots.



Oleophobic (EMR) technology reduces unwanted smudges and fingerprints making your new prescription lenses easy to clean and maintain. Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties also dramatically increase the scratch resistance of an antireflective coating.

UV Protection

We offer UV protection FREE of charge with all prescription spectacles or prescription Sunglasses, UV rays can be sub-divided:

UVC: These rays are filtered out by our ozone layer which surrounds the earth so are not of concern to us.

UVB: These rays are accountable for sunburn.

UVA: These rays are possibly the most harmful, causing chronic damage to the eye, especially low dose exposure over a long period of time.

When selecting this additional coating so you will be getting the maximum protection you require.

Scratch-Resistant Coating

Unfortunately no lens material will be scratch proof... they would have to be made of solid diamonds to be scratch proof, nevertheless adding a Scratch-Resistant coating will extend the life of the lens preventing the small scratches that occur through day to day handling and cleaning. A scratch free lens means clearer vision, Our scratch Resistant treatment is FREE of charge when purchasing prescription spectacles.