5 Unbelievable Vision Hacks that You Just Have to Try!

Here are 5 life hacks that you just have to try to help improve your vision on the spot. Some of these vision hacks are more handy than others but nonetheless, they’re pretty mind-blowing and you just have to try it to believe it!

Give them a go and make sure you share this around your office. Julie from finance who always loses her glasses will really appreciate these clever tips…

1. Look Through Your Hand

Can’t see? Forgot your specs? Not to worry. If you can’t find your glasses (and you’ve double checked your head), just use your hand as a lens. The small hole through your hands will act as the aperture on a camera, focusing the light into a crisp image.

vision hacks to see better

2. Squint or Pull Back Your Eyes

Do you ever find yourself squinting when you can’t see without your glasses? The reason why people squint to see better is because this will change the shape of the eye, making the pupil smaller and letting less light into form a much clearer image. Although it’s not bad for your vision, squinting can give you a headache if you do it for too long.

mr chang community screenshot

3. Close One Eye to See in the Dark

@LifeHacks shared a tweet to reveal one of our favourite vision hacks ever! And this one will come in so handy when you’re trying to make something out in the dark.

Not only does being a pirate and covering one eye help you see better in the daylight, but this little trick will help you get incredible night vision. You have to see it for yourself to believe it!

To test this theory, use a bright smartphone or tablet a dark room. Turn the brightness right up and close / cover one of your eyes and stare at the screen for a few minutes. Now put the tablet away and keeping your one eye closed as you look around the room, you’ll quickly realise that you can’t see a thing!

This blindness won’t last for long though…..open the closed eye and all of a sudden, you’ll be able to see much better! This is because your closed eye has already adjusted to the darkness so you’ll have improved night vision right there and then.

vision hacks night vision trick

4. Use Your Phone Camera to See

If you have a strong prescription, you’ll probably understand the frustration of having completely blurred vision and not being able to see where you’ve put your glasses.

Instead of fumbling around and relying on your sense of touch, simply pick up your camera phone and use the camera screen to act as a spectacle lens. Everything will be much clearer through the camera focus (if you’re not too blind to find your phone in the first place, that is!).

vision hacks phone camera

5. Test the Phantom Hand

This particular vision hack is more interesting than useful. But it’s a super fun experiment all the same and your friends’ / colleagues’ minds will be totally blown.

The great thing is about this hack / trick is that it doesn’t work for everyone…..only the special folk. So some people will see it and others just won’t. Give it a go and see what happens…

Find a dark room and put on a blindfold. Wave your hand in front of your face and find out whether you’re susceptible to the spooky “phantom hand”.

phantom hand vision hack

phantom hand vision trick

According to a study from the University of Rochester, the phenomenon is said to be your brain’s way of creating an image in response to the movement of your hand. Strange, right?


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