Amanda Seyfried dons the Geeky Glasses in Jennifer’s Body


Anyone who has read this blog before knows that we like to make the odd trip to the movies and shame on us if we are also big fans of Megan Fox too (as mentioned in our Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen post), after all, which red-blooded male isn’t? Personally I was also a massive fan of the movie Juno, written by Oscar winner Diablo Cody and starring Ellen Paige, so I was looking forward to see what she (Cody) would come up with next.

To find out that the aptly named Megan Fox would be the star of Cody’s next film script made me very happy, and yet a little bit sad at the same time, since Megan Fox is not famous for appearing in Oscar nominated movies, but seeing as she is Megan Fox I will let her off on this occasion.  But even that didn’t end my concerns, as Jennifer’s Body is a movie in a completely different genre to the adorably uplifting Juno.

I still wanted to see Jennifer’s Body regardless (don’t we all), although I did lower my expectations when I found out it was going to be a teen horror.  Its not that I don’t like horror’s, I love them, Alien and John Carpenter’s The Thing are probably my favourites of all time and there are some real classics from the 70’s and 80’s and Japanese Horror is generally brilliant too, but it’s the whole ‘Teen’ sub-genre horror that I have a problem with normally.

Despite my regularity of cinema visits over the years I don’t think I have ever been inspired to see a Teen Horror Movie (or maybe even a Teen Movie at all) in the cinema.  So when I eventually saw Jennifer’s Body (just the movie sadly) I was in for a bit of a movie-going experience surprise.  It was quite a different experience to what I am used to and haven’t really experienced since I saw The Matrix in a large crowded American multiplex ten years ago while on Holiday in Florida!


The cinema was ram-packed full of teenagers, most of whom were probably younger than the 15 certificate of the movie, which worried me a bit as I haven’t really enjoyed the company of that many modern-day teenagers in recent history; in fact I didn’t even enjoy being round them when I was one myself, but that says more about me than them.  I’m sure they’re all perfectly fine in reality and its just the press that gives them all a bad name the poor little blighters.

As a child of the 80’s myself I have seen my fair share of horror movies (most of which I was underage at the time), so I’ve become quite de-sensitised to them, but I enjoy a movie that tries to scare me, although its much more difficult nowadays and quite honestly the environment has to be right.  A dark, quiet room, late at night all on my own seems to work best.  So a crowded cinema probably wasn’t going to do it for me on this occasion, but in spite of that I had a good time.

It was hilarious for me to witness a cinema full of screaming kids scared out of their wits!  They were literally screaming and jumping out of their skin like they’ve never been scared before.  I got the impression that most of the audience had never seen a horror movie before, and its not even as if its that scary really.  The film has a number of clichéd jumpy moments, but anyone who’s seen a movie at all before knows how these things work surely?  Except perhaps the audience I was sitting with.  Not that it detracted from my enjoyment of the movie, in fact it probably made it even more enjoyable to see all their terrified little faces, bless them.

But I couldn’t help but think the film would have been better still if it was an 18 certificate.  Then we could have had even more and better on-screen deaths which were a bit lacking for a film of this type thanks to the child-friendly rating. On the whole though, and just speaking for myself, it was a fun movie going experience.  I particularly enjoyed Diablo Cody’s witty dialogue and writing style, which is pretty unique right now but I’m sure that many screenwriters will soon be mimicking.

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Amanda Seyfried’s Geeky Glasses Fascination


“What does all this have to do with a blog about glasses?” I hear you ask.  Well okay, maybe you didn’t even know this was a blog about glasses at all and just stumbled here through your never-ending search for Megan Fox goodness.  But since that’s what we do here we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to talk a bit about the real star of the movie Amanda Seyfried and her love of geeky glasses, not just in the film but in real life too!

Amanda Seyfried who plays nerdy schoolgirl ‘Needy’ in the movie Jennifer’s Body wears the stereotypical geeky glasses that all nerds in movies have to, but that doesn’t stop Needy from having a boyfriend like it would in most films (until she takes the glasses off of course – ‘She’s All That’ anyone?).   Needy even manages to keep her glasses on (albeit on the top of her head) during a passionate and steamy make-out/kissing session with Megan Fox’s character Jennifer.


In the movie, Amanda Seyfried’s glasses remind me a little of the kinds of styles that Johnny Depp likes to wear in everyday life, but Amanda has been seen enjoying a spot of Grand Slam Tennis at the US Open in September with her boyfriend Dominic Cooper in some pretty large and equally geeky looking glasses.  Not to mention the dustbin-lid sized frames she’s worn in photo-shoots like the image below.


The fact that she can wear such large glasses and still look stunning is testament to how beautiful she really is; Amanda Seyfried really can wear geeky glasses and pull it off.  And it’s thanks to people like Amanda, Nelly Furtado, Zachary Quinto and Johnny Depp that the ‘Geek Look’ is becoming so popular right now and we love it too.


Amanda also seems to like the large style glasses when she out in the sunshine too, here she’s seen out and about and on the set of Jennifer’s Body wearing the ever popular Wayfarer style sunglasses.

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  1. To Amanda Seyfried:

    Those glasses in Jennifers body makes you look gorgeous!!!
    and brings out the lady in you!!!

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