MIDO 2011

In the never-ending search for the latest and greatest innovations in all things relating to eyeglasses, four members of the Selectspecs team spent last weekend at the MIDO trade fair in Milan.

The MIDO exhibition, for those of you not in the know, is held in Milan each Spring.  The exhibition is 340,000 sqm in size (that’s a lot of glasses), and attracts top designers brands, who want to show off their wares, as well as less known suppliers looking to make it into the big league.

MIDO is where a lot of deals are done, and where the design houses can interact with the suppliers and the...   read more

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Why don’t vampires wear glasses more often?

If you say the word “vampire” these days, most folks will think of the bouffant-haired, angst-ridden teenage variety in the Twilight series.

But I am talking about the more authentic scary, bloody-thirsty, number-obsessed, bespectacled kind.

What person over 30 can forget The Count (real name Count von Count) from Sesame Street?

The Count would count anything, and everything. One can only wonder at the number of parents he annoyed by creating his legions of counting children.

Another even more scary face-furnitured vampire was Gary Oldman in Bram Stokers Dracula (1992).

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