SelectSpecs Staff Achievements: Scott Goodwin

A massive well done to our very own Optical Lab Manager Scott Goodwin who has 5 pieces of his work shown in his first exhibition, after years of keeping painting, drawing and photography as a hobby.

Everyone at SelectSpecs has always been impressed by Scott’s creative flair and have been so pleased to hear of his work getting recognised.

Scott was actually approached by the exhibition’s organiser to take part, which is being held in Whitstable’s Horsebridge Arts & Community Centre from Wednesday 6th July to Tuesday 19th July.

Although admittedly nervous at first we’re...   read more

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SelectSpecs Staff Achievements: James Cooper

Big congratulations to our very own Video Editor James Cooper for coming 4th in a Parkour and Freerunning competition!

We’ve all known for a while here at SelectSpecs that James, much to our bewilderment, loves to jump off the side of buildings, but it’s great to see his talents and skills recognised outside of work.

The event called Project Underground was the largest held by Team Katalyst in Rotherham, close to Sheffield over 25th and 26th June.

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Surgeons Perform Pioneering Operation to Find Cure for Blindness

Surgeons at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London have performed an operation many are saying could lead to a cure for blindness.

The operation performed last month on a 60-year old woman who developed Macula Degeneration involved “seeding” a tiny patch of healthy eye cells and implanting it at the back of the retina.

So how can this help in getting her sight back?  First, let’s take a look at what Macula Degeneration is and how it can affect any of us:

What is Macula Degeneration?

The Macula is a very small part of the retina that converts the light entering the eye into an image; helping us to read, write...   read more

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Emma Reviews SelectSpecs Glasses

Under Review: More Antares and Infinity Frames (Video)

Clearly one video is not enough to try and express how many frames are on offer at – and so I’ve been sent more frames for me to try on and criticise! Well, criticise I tried, but it proved quite hard (again) to nit pick any of these frames that are all under £70. What a bargain!  I did however, review the frames and I have provided a very frank and sincere appraisal….see what you think 🙂  

Antares LH109

This Antares pair were first in the video line-up this time and are another steal for...   read more

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Under Review: Infinity, Savannah and Antares Frames (Video)

The very kind people at Selectspecs let me review six of their lovely frames that won’t burn a hole in your wallet with price tags all under £70 – including a pair that are just £10 if you’re on a budget. Under review in this video are two frames from Infinity, one from Savannah and three from Antares – all available online at

Infinity 9923

First up were these Blue and White framed pair from Infinity at £35,which were one of my favourites from the selection....   read more

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Frames to buy when you’ve won the Lottery

Glasses might not be the first thing on top of your list if you won the lottery, perhaps it’s a country mansion, a Ferrari or even your own island somewhere in the Caribbean you’ll have your sights on? But come on, if you just won the jackpot why stop there?  Especially when it’s free to dream and for that reason we’ve rounded up a selection of our most expensive brands available through us for those of you who enjoy dipping into a few of those ‘if money were no object’ fantasies.


Nothing speaks filthy rich like a brand name you’re not even sure how...   read more

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Keeping your glasses clean – How to and Tips!

We wash our clothes to keep them clean after we wear them; so why are glasses any different? Natural salts and oils in your skin can have a negative impact on your glasses if you don’t keep them tip-top, especially if they’re worn through action-packed sports hobbies or nearly demolished by the kids.  That’s why we’ve decided to give you a word of advice, or two, to ensure any new glasses you’ve purchased from us stay looking that way.

Keep them protected

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the benefits of locking away your glasses in a hard case when you’re not...   read more

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