Celebrity Sunglasses #2: Johnny Knoxville (Jackass)

In the latest of the Jackass movies, Jackass 3D, we see Johnny Knoxville wearing the iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

If you’ve not seen Jackass 3D yet, beware, it’s quite disgusting at times!  Here is Chris’ mini review…

“Even though you know it’s so wrong you just can’thelp but laugh as these jackasses fall over and hurt themselves in more creative and disgusting ways. There are a couple of low points but the highs are as funny as hell. The midget bar brawl, the poo cocktail supreme, the dentist, the high 5, and the gorilla are brilliant even if you are watching some of it through your fingers. As for the sweat suit and the volcano… I hope you have a strong stomach… Do I need to go on? Does it need to be in 3D? Does anything really? No… But it works well in some scenes, especially the big budget high-speed photography opening and closing scenes, which are brilliant.

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