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Choosing The Right Frames For Your Face Shape

The wide variety of different styles and shaped glasses make choosing the right pair no easy task. As well as supporting your vision with quality lenses, your glasses should fit effortlessly with your personal style and reflect your personality.

The first step starts with determining your face shape. Is it round, oval, oblong, triangular, square, heart or diamond shaped? If the answer isn’t immediately obvious, ask for a second opinion from a friend or family member or take a selfie of yourself facing directly into the camera to get a better idea.

With that in mind here are a few tips for choosing the most flattering frames for your face shape.


oblong face shape


Oblong faces are longer than they are wide with a lengthy, straight cheek line and often an elongated nose.


Longer faces can carry wider frames well so choosing an Aviator style frame will definitely be the most flattering. The wideness of the frame makes the face appear narrower and shorter, creating the illusion of a much smaller face.

Other options include frames with a decent amount of depth, decorative frames that add width to the face and place less emphasis on the length and styles with low bridges.


diamond face shapeDiamond shaped faces have a narrow appearance at the eye and jaw line with broad cheekbones.


Detailed frames, rimless, oval and cat-eye shaped styles work best here and really work well to draw attention to the eyes, giving the eye line width and balancing out the appearance of the face.



Squares have broad, deep foreheads with a wide set jaw line and usually a square chin.


Choosing a style that is narrow in width will be most flattering to square shaped faces. Oval frames like this versatile Tom Ford pair  are very narrow and help create the illusion of length and soften the often hard edges of a square face.

Clubmaster styles are also very flattering, and can work to soften the jaw line, placing emphasis on the eyes and creating much needed length through the nose.



Heart shaped faces usually have a broad forehead with wide cheek bones that narrow to a smaller sized chin.


Rimless, light coloured glasses often work best here because they minimise the width at the top of the face. Try this Tiffany pair on for size to instantly flatter and create balance to the rest of the face.

Stay away from aviators and semi-rimmed styles as these will only draw attention to the widest part of the face.



Triangular shaped faces are similar to heart shapes in that they both share the same broad forehead and wide cheekbones that narrow to a small chin. The difference with triangular shaped faces is that these features are more pronounced.


A typical triangular face has a very wide forehead and smaller chin. To minimize the width of the top of the face, look for frames that are wider at the bottom, frames that are of a very light colour and/or rimless frame styles.


oval face shape

An oval face is evenly balanced and gently rounded with a well proportioned forehead slightly wider than the jaw with high cheekbones.


Oval shaped faces are the most versatile, with no real rules or limitations as to what shape of glasses suit best. To keep a well adjusted balance choose a frame that is wider than the broadest part of the forehead that isn’t too deep or too narrow.

Choices are varied here and oval shapes have a great selection of classics to choose from, like the wayfarer, Cat Eye and Lennon. Take into consideration complexion and hair colour to help narrow down the choice.


round face shape

Round faces are fairly compact with full cheeks, a wide forehead and a rounded chin.


Rectangular shaped frames are the most flattering for round shaped faces, easing the roundness and making it appear naturally slimmer. The narrow effect of the rectangular frame will also create a nice contrast against the rounder features of the face.

I hope that you have found this article useful.

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  1. This is a very helpful article especially to those who are looking for a perfect eyewear. Not everyone knows that wearing sunglasses speaks a lot about one’s personality, attitude and thinking level. I once encountered trouble deciding what glasses to wear but I get through it. With the help of professionals I managed to buy the appropriate eyewear for myself. I bought it not because it makes me look more fabulous but above all, because it offers me protection that no one else can give. I know the intention of this article is to make people aware about the importance of choosing the right sunglasses. Thank you. #glasses #glassesonweb #eyewear #sunglasses.

  2. Wow, I had no idea that your face shape played such a big role in what type of glasses are right for you! With so much eyewear to choose from, a guide like this would be very helpful in making the right selection. One piece of advice I would add is select an eyewear material that suits your needs. For example, you might require different materials based on whether or not you have reading glasses or sunglasses with a prescription lens.

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