FREE Eye Tests at Tesco Opticians (UK) – Now Permanent!

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Unfortunately, Tesco’s FREE Eye Test offer that we blogged about back in January has now expired – “booo” I hear you cry!

Well fear not, if you’re due an eye test now, in the next month or two, or at any time in the future, you will be happy to hear that supermarket giant Tesco and its Opticians are now offering FREE eye examinations for all at many of its larger stores – permanently!

Tesco Opticians used to charge £10 for the service to those not entitled to a free NHS eye test, this fee has now been waived. As with previous eye test offers from Tesco you are under no obligation to purchase glasses from the store, you can simply have your eyes tested and ask for a copy of your prescription including your Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement and purchase your next pair of glasses from a high street or online store of your choice. see this as great news for patients who may have been put off getting their eyes tested on a regular basis due to the costs involved.

Thanks to Money Saving Expert for pointing this great offer out.

Can’t get your PD?


We’re currently supporting a campaign so opticians HAVE to provide you with your full prescription including your PD measurement. Find out more information about this campaign here: Give me my Pupillary Distance.

Once you’ve had your eyes tested…

Why not take a look at our cheap glasses range with full rimmed frames for just £5 and semi-rimless for just £8 including standard prescription lenses, UV protection, Anti-Reflection and Scratch Resistant Coatings.  If you’re looking for something a little more special we have a great range of designer brands starting from prices as low as £43 including thin and light lenses and coatings.

Why you should get an eye test…

If you haven’t had your eyes tested recently (within the past 2 years) we strongly recommend paying a visit to your local optician to get them checked to make sure your vision has not deteriorated over time.  Not only will your optician be able to check the condition of your eyes, your optician can also alert you to any possible health issues (as mentioned in previous blog posts):-

“There are a number of high profile cases in which a simple eye test has resulted in the patient’s discovery of an unknown problem with their health or even a cancer, effectively saving their life thanks to the early warnings spotted by the opticians who examined them.”

See the “Want a long and healthy life? See your optician!” blog post for further information

£10 or £20 isn’t a lot to spend on an eye test once every two years especially if it could save your life, but thanks to special offers by struggling high street opticians who are desperate for custom in this tough economic climate, you won’t even need to spend that with the number of FREE eye test offers that always seem to be available through print or online media.

Usually there is no obligation to purchase glasses from your prescribing optician to receive your free eye test, allowing you to make even greater savings by purchasing your glasses online at And if money’s extra tight, why not go for some of our £5 glasses. Just remember to get a copy of your prescription as well as your PD measurement from your optician before you leave.

This information is correct at time of publishing and is subject to change at anytime.

5 thoughts on “FREE Eye Tests at Tesco Opticians (UK) – Now Permanent!

  1. Scotland is leading the world by providing free eye care to everybody, with a service which is second to none.

    Free, more comprehensive, NHS eye examinations for all were introduced in 2006 to ensure that all Scots would have their eyes tested by a professional optometrist free of charge in hundreds of locations across the country. This was the result of health initiatives agreed between Optometry Scotland (OS) and the Scottish Government.

  2. Do you know if they really give out the PD measurement? Because that would be impressive if they do and I’ve seen no evidence anywhere else that they do this. I actually asked at my local branch in December and they said no, so I’m not convinced their policy would change now, especially now their test is completely free.

  3. This article made me aware of how important eye health is. I know many of my friends do not even go for an eye test regularly. I must say I have not been at the opticians for the last 3 years, but maybe I should pay more attention especially if other diseases can detected.

  4. Just to let you know that a PD measurement is NOT part of an eye examination, it is part of the dispensing process. Opticians are NOT required to provide this measurement and under no circumstances would this be given to a patient. The consequences of dispensing specs without the necessary measurements ie. taking mono PD's and checking optical centres in any existing specs etc. can result in endless visual problems. Take my advice and do not get your specs on-line!

    1. Helen,

      Speaking as a patient who has had their eyes tested recently (I’m not the optician at, my PD was taken during the eye examination process. This was then written in my notes. I was not given this information on my prescription and as I do not require glasses I did not request this information. The optician is in my personal opinion under obligation to give me this information should I request it as it’s information that is held about me, they are however within their rights to charge a small additional fee if required (as per the Data Protection Act 1998).

      Now speaking as a member of the team, we have found that 99% of our customers who have purchased glasses are perfectly happy with our products from a prescription perspective. We have however in the past discovered that some cases where glasses are unusable have arisen due to the optician giving incorrect prescription information to the customer.

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