Get Your Glasses On for Valentine’s Day – Specs ARE Sexy!

SelectSpecs Sexy Specs - Women

FAR FROM being a turn-off, girls who wear glasses are MORE likely to stoke up a steamy session with the man of their dreams, according to the results of our Sexy Specs Survey.

The overwhelming majority – 92.7% – of men questioned said they find women who wear glasses sexy, proving that specs aren’t the barrier to passion, as so commonly perceived.

And – not surprisingly – the “sexy librarian/school mistress/secretary in glasses” image remains a firm fantasy-fueller with over 80% agreeing that the look floats their boat.

SelectSpecs Sexy Specs - Men

Four eyes are also better than two for women with over 70% saying they would be more attracted to a man if he’s wearing glasses because he looks friendly, sophisticated and intelligent.

On a day when everyone seems to be thinking of love and romance, this news should boost the confidence of anyone who feels self-conscious about wearing glasses.  Although they are in the minority, our research indicates that many people still think they look less attractive to the opposite sex if they wear glasses – if only they knew!

Women were less confident about their appeal to men whilst wearing glasses with nearly 40% believing it made them less attractive and nearly 35% saying they would go without glasses to make themselves more desirable.  Men, on the other hand, were more at ease with just over a quarter rating their chances of success as higher if they didn’t wear specs.

Glasses have now become a big fashion accessory, with practically every design house having their own range of frames; wearing specs is no longer so closely associated with being a geek or a plain Jane, so come on boys and girls, its time to face facts: Specs ARE Sexy!

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