Michelle Rodriguez in Aviator Sunglasses from Avatar


Just before Christmas we at SelectSpecs.com took a trip to the local cinema to see James Cameron’s latest big budget Sci Fi epic, Avatar in 3-D.  If there’s a single word I could use to describe this film it would have to be “Awesome!”, it’s an absolute visual masterpiece, and wearing the RealD Polarised glasses (see below) for full glorious 3-D effect, it’s absolutely breathtaking.

My only previous experiences with films featuring 3-D technology is the Terminator 2 3-D ride at Universal Studios in Florida while on a family holiday many years ago.  While the Terminator ride was impressive and immersed you nicely into the film you were constantly fearing for your life while things popped out of the screen and threatened to kill you!  Avatar, thankfully is different ball game, 3-D technology has finally come of age with the technology being used in a subtle way to add great depth that really immerses you into the movie, things like floating embers, dust particles and reflections really demonstrated how 3-D technology can be used to add another dimension to a movie – I think I can only remember one moment where I genuinely flinched as something flew out towards me and that was during an intense action scene towards the climax of the movie.

Back on the topic of eye wear, it seems wearing sunglasses is not the done thing on Pandora as we only spotted Michelle Rodriquez wearing a fashionable pair of aviator sunglasses – because lets face it, all pilots wear aviators!

Michelle Rodriguez – Trudy Chacon

Rodriguez plays helicopter pilot Trudy Chacon on the planet of Pandora


We cannot be sure to what aviator sunglasses Rodriquez is wearing while flying her helicopter over Pandora, research suggests that these could either be the Raynes style from Mosley Tribes or the Ray-ban Aviator 3044.


Mosley Tribes – Raynes


Ray-ban Aviator – 3044

Not seen Avatar yet? Why not?  Check out the trailer below in glorious HD then pop along to a cinema with the biggest screen you can possibly find before they stop showing it on the big screen.  It really is a must see!

Video removed.

For more 3-D trailers, see our previous blog post.

The RealD Polarised 3-D Glasses

If anyone is interested, these are the glasses they handed out at our Avatar screening.

reald 3-d glasses

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