Glasses of the Year Award – Oakley Crosslink

Oakley Crosslink - Glasses of the Year 2012 are proud to announce the Oakley Crosslink as our choice for the inaugural Glasses of the Year Award.

2012 was a fantastic year for innovation in the eyewear sector, but we selected this frame as our winning glasses of the last 12 months for a number of reasons.

The Oakley Crosslink is the first optical frame produced by Oakley to fit into their Active category – ideal for those with a demanding and active lifestyle, these prescription glasses are great for people who want, or need to wear glasses while playing sport or just working out in the gym.  The frame has a 3-point fit that is super comfortable and thanks to Oakley’s trademark Unobtainium sides the frame actually increases grip as you become more active so you’ll always have a secure fit.

Apart from looking the business, these frames actually have a cool and pretty unique feature that makes them suitable for both the gym and the office.  The interchangeable sides can be easily switched out to match your mood or circumstance – Bright and colourful for the evening or weekend, or switch to the more subdued colour sides for that important meeting or interview.

The frame has been immensely popular since it’s release in 2012 and even Oakley have struggled to keep up with demand.  It has been one of the best selling frames on and people seem to love it.

For those reasons, we have selected Oakley’s Crosslink as’s Glasses of the Year.

Congratulations Oakley, we can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2013.

Check out our video below, where we show just how quickly and easily you can change the sides of the Oakley Crosslink.

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