The Perils of Winter Wear


 It’s winter again.

The rain and the snow. The worries for our sights.
Will we fall and break them,
Will we lose our vision as the sleet stings our faces and covers our lenses.
Take them off. We can see better although squinting as we go.

As we put our hand over our brow.
Stopping the snow and the rain from distorting our vision. As we battle with the elements.
Manoeuvring around with our big boots and warm coats.

Many a times the frustration as we wipe them clear to see. As we walk or work outside.
As we search for a solution. What do we do?

With the professionals to hand I have a plan!

Glasses with thick rims. They have a better coverage.They protect the lenses. Not too bulky. Not too heavy.
Elegant Dominant Intelligent Sexy


I believe all in all. To stop the perils of wearing glasses in the winter. Practical ones are the best. Shatter proof.

Reliable and strong.


The right glaze as snow can glare as much as the sun.

Coordinated colour with your style and attire. The right ones for your look. And from as little
as six pounds.  “A bargain as well .”

Feel confident when you are out and about. Feel at ease when you are at work.
Mix and match at your leisure.

Consult the experts as they are in the know and they will guide you with your prescription.
Our eyesight is most important so find the right consultant.
Select Specs for your image and your needs. Your role in life and your outlook.

Susan (SelectSpecs)

A self confessed spectacle wearer and Fiction Author. Eighteen years in the sales and marketing industry and a lover of fashion and style. I took to writing as its a passion of mine,

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