Top Nerdy Glasses for Guys and Girls

Nerdy Glasses (Woody Allen, Run DMC and Tom Ford)

There are certain fashion accessories that modern culture obsesses over, and at the top of that list are glasses. Although technically these are items that are worn for corrective reasons, the same way one would wear a hearing aid, they have their own school of style. What we call “nerdy” glasses is the best example. Classic styles have been created throughout the years, which society relates to those studious, clever nerds whom everyone secretly wants to be like. While constantly reading and studying may be boring, wearing the nerdy glasses is easy, fun and nowadays a flattering accessory.

Classic Black-Rimmed Wayfarers

Classic Black Rimmed Wayfarers (by Ray-Ban)

The wayfarer design for glasses has become a quintessential part of American accessorizing. Not only are they the foundation for some of the most popular sunglasses ever, but with prescription lenses, they create the ultimate uni-sex nerd glasses. When most people think of nerd glasses, whether it be those worn by Buddy Holly or the heroes in “Revenge of the Nerds,” they usual think of these black-rimmed frames. Although they may have started off as glasses for legitimate nerds back in the 1950’s, they are now the spectacles of choice for any self-respecting filmmaker or indie rock musician, whether it be Woody Allen or Rivers Cuomo. To up the ante, and get the most nerdy-ness out of the black-rimmed wayfarers, it’s customary to add a small piece of masking tape around the frames, right between the eyes.

Nerdy Wayfarer Style Glasses

Gazelle Glasses

Gazelle Glasses (as worn by Run DMC)

Gazelle glasses have been in and out of fashion since the early 1980’s. These types of frames were originally designed for the elderly, which is why the lenses are so large, but it’s their square shape that gives them their distinct, somewhat comical appearance and makes them so popular among the younger crowd. The trend really took over when Run DMC wore them as part of their group uniform, and nowadays, anyone from young, indie actors to professional football players can be seen sporting a pair of these over-sized glasses. Although many a girl has pulled these types of frames off, the nerdy gazelle glasses are typically worn by men.

30 Rock's Frank in Gazelle Glasses

Cat’s Eye Glasses

Cat's Eye Glasses

Although there’s no doubt that some men have tried, the cat’s eye glasses are a nerd accessory that is, for the most part, for girls only. It’s also a timeless classic that dates back to the 1940’s. The name describes the shape of these spectacles. As opposed to a rounded, even shape, the frames curve into a pointed edge on the outer tips of the lenses, giving them a feline feel. Well they may not have been considered “nerdy” when originally conceived, their now-vintage aesthetic has made them popular among pop-culture nerds everywhere, especially those who love all things 1950’s. The more hip versions of these nerdy frames are typically bedazzled with rhinestones around the edges and come in an array of colors aside from the original black.

Katy Perry, Lisa Loeb and Megan Fox Cat Eye Glasses

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  1. Where can I find a store that sells "Real" Gazelle Eyeglasses?  I live in Texas and not a single store here carries… nor have they heard of Gazelles.

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