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Donated Glasses to Vision Aid Overseas

Vision Aid Overseas was founded in 1985 by optical professionals who were passionate about transforming the lives of disabled people or those with disadvantages because they did not have access to eyecare. They were motivated by the enormous difference that a pair of spectacles can make to people all over the world who need good vision to learn, work, play and lead an independent and dignified life.

Over the last quarter of a century, Vision Aid Overseas has helped to provide over a million people with eyecare services. Volunteers have undertaken clinics in some of the worlds poorest countries. Vision Centres have been established where there were previously no optical facilities for thousands of miles and trained healthcare workers are on hand to provide eye examinations and spectacles.

The work of Vision Aid Overseas has an ongoing impact – allowing children to go to school and to receive an education; giving parents the means to provide for their families; and ultimately saving people from a lifetime of visual impairment or blindness.

Vision Aid Overseas doesn’t just rely on old donated glasses, but also through fund raising, if you would like to get involved in up and coming events or you are thinking of organizing your own event have a look here as your support will enable us to transform lives by providing eyecare services to patients who desperately need good vision to escape disability and poverty. has been donating glasses to Vision Aid Overseas for several years now and continues to send a parcel every month, in fact, we’re just about to send another huge box today (see below…)!

donated glasses to vision aid overseas

If you have any old unwanted glasses lying around or tucked away in a draw please dig them out and send them to us and help to make a difference to someone less fortunate than yourself. All you need to do is pop your old glasses in a jiffy bag (something protective!) and send them to us at the below address.

Glasses for Vision Aid Overseas
PO Box 102

See here to find out more

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  1. Sir/madam,
    Are you still wanting old spectacles? I note that this website is dated 2010.
    Ivan Stockley

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