Why don’t vampires wear glasses more often?

If you say the word “vampire” these days, most folks will think of the bouffant-haired, angst-ridden teenage variety in the Twilight series.

But I am talking about the more authentic scary, bloody-thirsty, number-obsessed, bespectacled kind.

What person over 30 can forget The Count (real name Count von Count) from Sesame Street?

The Count would count anything, and everything. One can only wonder at the number of parents he annoyed by creating his legions of counting children.


Another even more scary face-furnitured vampire was Gary Oldman in Bram Stokers Dracula (1992).

I can remember watching this film and arriving late for the start.  The only available seats were in the front row, so I have very vivid memories of this movie.  I felt like I was in it.

It was scary, very scary, and I’m not just talking about Keanu Reeves’ acting ability here.

I can’t decide if the blue sunglasses make Dracula look more sinister, or make him look like an early prototype of the Bono-look?

Even though I have seen more Dracula films than I can remember, I can’t remember any other examples of the Prince of Darkness being a bit short-sighted.  You would think being 800 years old, and only going out in the dark would mean the eyes would need a bit of help, but not a bit of it.

Maybe they wear contact lenses, less likely to fall off when biting into necks?

Colum (SelectSpecs)

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One thought on “Why don’t vampires wear glasses more often?

  1. Its an interesting idea about Vampires that are 100's of years old needing to wear glasses, but I suspect that if they choose to wear them at all its for fashion reasons, since Vampires can re-generate and heal themselves.


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