X-Men: Days of Future Past. Eyewear from the movie – Can you ID them?

Not only am I excited for the the next Transformers movie, but I’m also massively looking forward to seeing the latest Marvel film, X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Even though I’m beginning to lose count of the amount of X-Men movies made, I’ll be staggered if this is not a worldwide hit with movie fans!

Viewing the trailer (see below) we have noticed a few of the characters wearing either glasses or sunglasses frames…

Nicholas Hoult / Hank / Beast

Nicholas continues his role as Hank & Beast, even with super human powers he still needs to wear prescription eyewear to correct his vision (unless he is just wearing with plano lenses for a purely fashionable purpose).  Nicholas is wearing a frame very similar to that of a the Superdry Jetstar we have available here, or the Persol PO3004V available here (pictured below), although the exact model is not known.



Please leave a comment below if you can ID them.

James McAvoy / Charles Xavier

James picks up the role of Charles Xavier once again and can be seen wearing a retro pair of sunglasses. While we cannot specify the exact model, we do think these frames bear a resemblance to the Carrera 82 sunglasses frame (pictured below).




Hugh Jackman / Logan / Wolverine

Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine and can be seen very briefly wearing what appears to be a pair of aviator styled frames. While we cannot be sure what frame is being worn we believe it looks remarkably similar to the Ray-Ban RB3136 Caravan (displayed below).



Peter Dinklage / Dr. Bolivar Trask

Finally, the “half-man” (watch Game of Thrones…) himself, Peter Dinklage picks up the role of Dr. Bolivar Trask and can be seen wearing a rather unflattering pair of over-sized metal-rimmed frames.  If you’re looking for a similar look then we highly recommend you try the Stellar frame from our collection here.



Check out the latest X-Men trailer below.

24 thoughts on “X-Men: Days of Future Past. Eyewear from the movie – Can you ID them?

    1. Good spot they do look very similar. There are two or three different brown type styles do you know the exact style number please ?


    1. The ones in the picture you upload look similar to the ones James McAvoy is wearing but different color…. do you know if they are the same model? or the model James is wearing by any chance?

        1. No, they are the most similar to the ones he’s wearing but not the same. I can’t find them anywhere, I’ve been looking for days now. ANy other idea?

  1. Hank/Beast is wearing a pair of hand made frames by the American company KALA, the frame style is the “MAX” i have the same in brown And they cost around 250.00 usd ….. Please visit the KALA eyewear website to view them for yourselves. Great company.

  2. Anyone can confirm if the sunglasses worn by James are the Carrera 82?, Because they look quite different, if not… Does anyone knows the real model he’s wearing?

  3. I just saw the movie, I was wearing Warby Parker Huxley in Tennessee Whiskey, and my frame looks exactly like Hoult’s frame, I was surprised to read it wasn’t

    1. Terrence is correct. Hank/Beast is definitely wearing the Warby Parker Huxley in Tennessee Whiskey. I’ve owned these glasses for over 4 years now and recognized them immediately. The other frames mentioned clearly have differences in both the shape and finish.

    1. Magneto (fassbender) is wearing Mykita MYLON’s pretty sure it’s the “Crisson” model. Odd choice for 1973, but amazing pair of glasses

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