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Guide to confirm the fitting position of lenses

Using our stick-on grid

Step 1

Close the sides (arms) of the frame and place the frame on a flat surface so that the lenses are facing upwards.


Step 2

Un-peel the stick-on grid from the card.


Step 3

Gently place the stick-on grid onto each lens as follows:

  • A).Align the lower red line of the large square along the bottom rim of the glasses.
  • B).Align the nasal side of the large square to the nasal rim of the frame.
  • C).Ensure the grid looks level and is firmly stuck down onto the lenses.

Step 4

Whilst sitting down, place your glasses onto your head in the position you would comfortably wear them at.


Step 5

With the help of a friend or family member, ask them to take a picture of you wearing the frames with these grids stuck in place. Follow these steps to get prepared:

  • A). You’ll need to ensure that the room is well lit to ensure a clear picture is taken.
  • B).You should both be sitting down about 1.5 meters apart.
  • C).The camera should be about 1 meter from your head.
  • D).You should look directly into the camera lens while the picture is being taken.
  • E).Try to keep your head and neck in a natural position whilst looking forward. Be conscious of the position of your neck, as you might have this angled up or down.

Step 6

Please ensure your eyes are clearly noticeable in the photo. It’s best to take a few pictures so you can choose the best one.


Step 7

Email the photo as an attachment to us. Ideally, including this into the active case you have already with us. Once received a member of our Returns department will check the image and they’ll be in touch with you with the outcome or next steps.