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Find Your PD

The easy way to find your Pupillary Distance measurement

Give us a couple of minutes...

and we'll give you your accurate PD measurement.

Your PD (Pupillary Distance) is the distance between your pupils. It helps us fine-tune your lenses to your eyes. Don’t see it on your prescription? Our simple tool will provide you with an accurate PD in just a few moments.

Before you start, you will need a webcam or mobile device with camera and a set of speakers or headphones, you will also need a light coloured standard sized card (credit card, drivers licence, etc).

It's Easy...

We have integrated our PD Measurement tool into our buying journey for a smooth process, simply follow the below steps to find your PD.

Step 1

Choose a frame from our our extensive collection and click Choose Your Lenses.

Step 2

Select your required vision type, for example, Single Vision, Distance.

Step 3

Now choose to Add Your Prescription where you can add your prescription details. At the PD stage, you can now choose to measure your PD by clicking the orange Measure PD button.

Simply follow the on screen instructions and we'll get your accurate PD measurement and add it to your order.

Quick Tips...

To ensure this process is successful, please follow our quick tips

Turn up the volume

Make sure your audio is on so you can hear the instructions and any prompts.

Light it up

Make sure your room is well lit so that your webcam can see your pupils clearly. Avoid sitting with your back to a window.

Get closer

Make sure you are around a foot away from the camera so we can get the most accurate measurement.

Get the right card

Choose a light coloured card with a magnetic strip. Hold it on your forehead by the top corner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

We're going to use super savvy, cutting-edge tech to measure the distance between your pupils. To make sure it works perfectly, make sure you're in a well lit room (no bright backlights) and got that good wifi. Grab a standard size, light colored card with a magnetic strip. Turn on the audio, and let's go!

My browser is not supported?

If you are on desktop, make sure you're using Safari, Chrome or Firefox. For mobile, jump on Safari if you have an iPhone, and Chrome if you are on an Android.

Why do I need to use a card?

A standard size card gives us something to scale in order to measure the distance between your pupils. Credit card, drivers license, library card, club card — they all work great.

Do you store a picture of my face?

We only access your camera for the duration of the scan, and we are big on security. We also automatically blur any details on your card so they cannot be recognised. Your image will never be linked to personal identifiable information.

I keep getting errors.

There's a few things that help our tech work it's magic. First, make sure your audio is on to hear some clues on what you might be missing. You'll want to look straight into the camera and have your eyes clearly visible. Place your card with the magnetic strip on the bottom, right above your eyebrows. Hold the card at the top corner so the magnetic strip is clearly visible. Make sure you're in a well lit environment and that camera is squeaky clean (no finger smudges please). If you're still having issues, please contact us for help.