Top 10 Places To Find Inspiration

We all get stuck in a rut at times and need a little inspiration. Whatever you do, it can only be improved by getting some creative juices flowing.

Read on for some ideas on where to get your daily dose of inspiration.


Mars or Hawaii?… On the edge of the crater 3000m up in the Pacific, Haleakala Volcano. @gohawaiiau #gohawaiiau #sponsered

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The natural world is not only full of beauty, but all manners of inspirational material.

From the movement of waves and the tide on an ocean shore to a volcanic eruption, birds chirping or in flight.

Movements, sounds, colours and scents; there’s a reason its top of the list.

Be around nature, explore, travel, discover and click your inner refresh button and get ready to be not only inspired, but refocused and ready to go.

Need a little help taking it all in?

These specs below will do all the work for you:


#museum #belvegere #gustavklimt #gustavklimtkiss

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Nothing inspires a masterpiece like a fellow masterpiece.

Being in the presence of greatness and all.

Sometimes you just need to take a time out and remind yourself of the greatness and beauty humanity is capable of creating.

So, hit up your local gallery or museum and be awestruck.

Strapped for time or stuck indoors?

A documentary on your favourite artist, a symphony in the background or even a mood board with replicas of some of your favourite works of art can do the trick in a pinch.


Yet another form of art, movies based on real life events are the most impactful we find.

But, whatever floats your boat.

Sometimes just seeing the world from someone else’s perspective, even a make believe character’s, can give you a new outlook on life and spark a much-needed idea.

Social Media

While social media can be counterproductive and needs to be handled with care, following a few choice pages or profiles can really make your feed inspiration worthy.

Sometimes just searching a hashtag related to your endeavor of choice can show you what’s already be done and steer you in the right direction.

Nobody likes a copy cat though.

Give everything a personal twist and by all means be inspired by others, just don’t let them make you any less you.

People Watching

While from the get go this may sound slightly on the creepy side, bear with us.

The idea here is to be around others, just get out and about, sit on a park bench, get on the tube with no particular direction in mind, get lost in your city, and observe other people as they go about their day to day.

It really gets you out of your bubble.

Talk to people if you feel like it, if not, a few rules of thumb are: don’t stare, if you make eye contact smile, and be open to the diversity that is humanity.

Throw on a pair of glasses, all the better to see them with:


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There’s nothing like a good book to transport you to another world, get lost in someone else’s life.

And sometimes, you just might find yourself, your breakthrough, or your inner voice.

Reading glasses never looked this good:


Sometimes going for a walk is the best way to clear your head and get lost in your thoughts.

Think of it as moving meditation.

Always be safe though.

TED Talks

How far would you go to surf under the Northern Lights? Photographer Chris Burkard and his team set off along the frozen coast of Iceland’s Hornstrandir National Park in search of the perfect waves. Along the way, they encountered the biggest storm to hit Iceland in 25 years, featuring wind speeds over 160mph and buckets of rain and snow. Still, the treacherous trek was worth it for such a breathtaking surf. The footage from the journey appears in Chris’s new documentary, Under an Arctic Sky. “I guess I’m just continually trying to reinvent the way I can see the world,” he says. “I think in the end, as a storyteller — not as a photographer or as a filmmaker, but as a storyteller — we aim to live the stories that we experience.” To see more photos from Chris’s adventure, visit and follow him @chrisburkard

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When you think inspiration, you think TED talks.

Topics vary drastically, but chances are, whatever field of study, creative process, or life journey you are on, you’ll find a talk on it.

Get searching.

Poetry & Quotes

Sam Rush, "Wisdom Teeth" Watch Full Poem (link in bio): @rushupyup #buttonpoetry

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Great places to start for general life inspiration are philosophical quotes.

Think “Rumi” or someone you look up to.

“Button Poetry” is empowering and all about overcoming adversity among other things.

Find a Mentor


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Living or passed on, famous or even make believe.

Having a mentor, and a “What would he or she do?” mindset in any given situation is a great way to get both perspective and inspiration.

Choose wisely though.

Going the reading route? Try these rainy day reads for a kick start on your creative flow

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