10 Ways to Coordinate your Winter Accessories

Accessories are the hidden secret behind every outfit, they can make it or break it.

So let’s go over some of our top tips to get your accessory game on track this winter, with accessory coordination 101.

Pile them on

While the rule of thumb is generally take off the last accessory you put on, as you are probably overdoing it. With this in mind, however, piling on eclectic accessories is a look unto itself.

Hints of blue and leopard print are a beautiful combination. Don’t be afraid to mix statement pieces, even if you aren’t feeling your most vibrant self during the winter months.

Color Coordinate

Left or Right?

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Matching your accessories to your outfit is a classic look, try matching pieces that aren’t worn too close together to each other, to break up the look, but tie it together at the same time, like matching your boots to your sunglasses.

These Karl Lagerfeld KL929S sunnies will go with nearly everything, as they are a colour that never goes out of style, BLACK!

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Pattern it up with Stripes and Polka Dots

Winter can leave us all feeling a little drab, so bring some pizazz back into your life with polka dots and stripes. Pair them with a utility-style jacket and chunky scarf, consider these prints a neutral and feel free to mix and match.

These Dolce & Gabbana DG3247 specs will add just the right amount of stylistic intrigue to whatever you wear.

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Enjoy the Simple Pleasures

Sticking to clean line basic accessories in neutrals is a great way to go, especially if your aesthetic is bold and bright.

A monochrome paisley scarf and sleek geometric MCM MCM653S sunnies, paired with a knitted turban headband is all you need to stay comfortable and still look cute. Plus the headband offers some chic coverage for between washes or when your roots need some tending to.


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 Get Glamourous

Nothing says glam more than oversized leopard print sunglasses, like these perfectly round Miu Miu MU 13NS beauties, large stud earrings and a simple scarf complete the look.

When glamorous is the style you are going for, try and make one piece or a maximum of two your focal points and keep the rest of your look minimal to avoid looking overdone.

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Try Trends

Mirrored cat-eye sunglasses like these Prada PR 53SS babies are not only on trend but cover up even the most tired of eyes.

Perfect for those mornings when you couldn’t manage to put your concealer on, as your bed was just too warm and cosy to leave. Sometimes an on-trend piece can bring a dated outfit to the modern day, and create an interesting ensemble.

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Comfort is Key

Sometimes all you want in freezing temperatures is to be cosy!

That doesn’t mean you can’t look good too though, so throw on a cute knit beret, and a pair of oversized aviators with a twist, like the Giorgio Armani AR6055 sunglasses, with a hint of tortoiseshell.

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Dress for Purpose

Sipping coffee while book buying 🙌☕️

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Dressing for the purpose is a great way to keep your prep time down in the mornings. The same way you’d wear jodhpurs to go riding, so if you have a long commute in the cold but your work-mates crank up the heat in the office, wear easily removable layers, a thick oversized scarf is also a perfect option.

If your job entails hours of standing, cushioned flats are your new best friend. Work in the great outdoors? A pair of Chloe CE120S sunnies will keep your peepers protected.

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Get Creative

Get creative, mix colours or prints that wouldn’t traditionally be a match, add in textures and numerous fabrics, even throw in a pair of Paul Costelloe 5190 specs for some added interest.


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Sport it

Why you should wear sunglasses in winter!!! 😎❄ Statistics show that "snow reflects up to 85% of the sun's UV rays and the reflection from the snow can cause sunburn on the cornea called 'snow blindness'. UV radiation increases 5% for every 1,000 feet above sea level. When skiing outside at higher elevations the exposure increases. Wearing shades during the cold weather can protect the eyes plus it can also lessen the symptoms of dry eyes protecting them from wind, debris, snow and ice. Sunglasses also cuts down glare from the snow." Find 100% UVA protection sunglasses to wear! You can get a discount off the @diffeywear sunglasses by going to www.diffeywear.com using the discount code LBUSHNELL for 25% off. #laurenbushnell #sunglasses #eyewear #skiing #winteraccessories #shades #eyecare #discount #aspen #colorado #snowymountains #mountaintop

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Get sporty in some Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviators, and try a new sport or outdoor activity this winter! Who says you need to stay in all winter long?

Get your adventure on in a pompom beanie, some reflective sunnies to fend off the rays and don’t forget some matching touch screen friendly gloves! (We do not recommend playing with snow using bare hands).

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Want more accessory tips to keep you looking your best? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

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