2017 Dior Homme Eyewear

Christian Dior is not the usual piece of cake, but rather the icing on the most delicious cake. In a universe dominated by a permanent change in tastes and trends, this luxurious brand has always been up-to-date, and ready for a new chromatic or designed-related challenge.

What we always loved at Dior are the trademark fashion statements we witnessed because of this iconic name, and the elite elegance of the Dior Homme sunglasses is our main focus for today.

Sit back, enjoy this parade of luxury and trending shades.

Ssaying these masterpieces are normal is the worst insult you can address to this brand.

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Fresh and greedy for glory.

This is how we can describe the Dior Homme DIORMOTION1.

The silver-mirrored lenses offer an image of the future, whereas the modern design generated by the sporty frames are a good match for a day out under the torrid sun.

As the mix of gray and white are a source of inspiration and innovation for proud owners, the slim look of the sunglasses is another aspect which makes them 100% trending.

On top of that, this product is ideal for dark colored tans, so go and enjoy summer before it’s gone.


Fashionable Simplicity

Composit 1.0

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Dior is a professional killer as this brand can surpass its opposition through simplicity of colors and design.

Dior Homme BLACKTIE 182S is the image of a black tie worn at an important ceremony: simple, down-to-earth, but elegant and shiny.

Take the large frames and try to describe them using a single word.

We can only think of mesmerizing as the look is a modern hit.

Shady lenses are essential for a pair which promises to be a trending wonder.

And if you’re still not convinced, have a look at the gentle white lines drawn on the temples.

Christian Dior, you are heavenly stylish!

Innovative Oval Lenses


Posted by ASAP Rocky on Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2016

We made a special selection for the fashion lovers who adore oval lenses.

How about green gold lenses and grey ivory tiny frames designed to keep your eyes under the shield of modernity?

A look which brings several features to the game such as a young and energetic look that will dominate the stage.

With two layers covering the lenses, Dior Homme Dior 0210S has entered the elite clash of trends and innovative design.

Wear them if you want to get a flawless image.


Chromatic Joy

The first impression that you get when you stare at Dior Homme DIORTAILORING2 is that its creators loved painting when they were little.

As this product is impressive because of the harmony of the colors as blue, black, white and green come together to produce an authentic and genius Dior creation.

Add to the mix silver gray mirrored lenses which improve the coolness of these shades and makes them a fashion target for all addicts around the world.

Perfect for casual outfits, the Diortailoring2 is a trending miracle of modern times.


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