2017 Men’s Fashion Forecast

When it comes to fashion and trend setting, men have historically taken a back seat approach when compared to their female counterparts. However more recently, gents are becoming increasingly involved with how they look.

Men’s style illuminates their personal qualities and desires to a point where a simple small, medium or large size can no longer suffice.

As fully-fledged members of fashion, men are continually assuming control of their own style, combining cutting edge design with traditional pieces in order to create a contemporary and dynamic design spectrum that retains casual comfort.

Them begs the question, what can anticipate from men’s fashion in 2017?

The current popularity of earthy base tones can be considered a steady favourite and is currently looking to set the pace across the design front. Whilst formal wear patterned with cheques and stripes are in line for an unexpected return.

Comfort will take the forefront this year with the continuation of fleeced jumpers and joggers. The traditional indie look with slim-fit jeans, printed t-shirt and a statement leather jacket combo will also follow.

Capitalising on the ever-expanding trends within accessories, designers are looking to eyewear as an integral part of any look, valuing its importance for individual expression.

What to expect from menswear 2017? – Here’s what we know so far:

Neutral/ Earth-based tones

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Combinations of textured browns and greens work to contradict, yet seamlessly blend for a worn sophistication.

Neutral tones are likely to feature as the over-arching colour palette this year, and are already proving hugely popular within many of the high-street brands. Formalwear continues this trend, working around subtle base tones throughout the Winter/ Spring season.

Matching accessories work to compliment this overall theme, adding that final touch of finesse to any look.


One of the more surprising comebacks, cheques are proving to be one of the most versatile and go-to designs and 2017 shows no sign of stopping its takeover.

Anything from trousers to knitwear sweaters and more recently taking on grey hues, we can expect this pattern to retain its popularity and adapt to the current neutral tones. Enhance this look with the Ray-Ban Wayfarer range.


Somewhat similar to cheques, stripes have enjoyed a long history as a mainstay within men’s fashion despite its often-sporadic popularity.

2017 is set to champion stripes due to their versatility and their ability to make and break colour blocks when combined with other pieces.


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Always a favourite, especially over the Winter/ Spring season, knitwear remains a staple of men’s fashion. From joggers to jumpers, knitwear is idolised for its versatility and style of home-comfort.

We can expect to retain its popularity over the coming months. Versatility at heart, Mahaka by Maul Jim provide the perfect accompaniment whilst adjusting to the winter sun.

Printed T-shirts

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Not limited to band enthusiasts, printed t-shirts have seen a sudden surge in popularity.

As fashion trends lean towards individual expression, t-shirt designs have moved in the frontline, displaying anything from music to political motivation.

Highly adaptable, printed t-shirts work with any outfit. However they still remain a staple of the indie look; usually combined with slim-fit jeans and tailored leather jacket. Finish this look with a pair of classic Calvin Klein’s, introducing their new range the 152s.

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