Trending in 2017: Rimless Sunglasses

Freedom is a state of mind, and when it comes to fashion, we all want it so badly. It offers you independence, comfort, and self-confidence in your choices.

Sunglasses are no exception to this rule as these important accessories play a large part in our lives, and go with us to all corners of the world.

In modern times, your eyes feel the need for freedom, and the best way to make them happy is by opting for rimless eyewear.

A stylish idea for any lover of sublime and trending sunglasses.

Let’s lead you through the Rimless Collection of 2k17.


Rimless Clubmaster


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These rimless designed clubmaster shades are a fashion wonder.

Ray-Ban marks a new era with the Ray-Ban RB3576N as these colorful and stylish sunglasses are a must-have for 2017.

A fresh new take on mirrored lenses, this item is perfect for those who crave innovative and technologically upgraded sunglasses.

Every corner and every detail on the temples are accurately shaped.

We strongly advise you to admire these fabulous beauties for a couple of minutes, and hit the buy button as soon as you can.


Genuine Prada

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Driven by the will to be innovative and modern, Prada has designed one of the most interesting rimless pairs compared to previous years.

The Prada PR 67TS will steal your eyes as the acetate temples are mixed with a dark-colored bridge and shady lenses.

Ideal for the fashion lovers who love the subtle and discrete look, the PR 67TS are a prototype of flamboyance and elegance.

You can clearly see the brilliant detailing crafted by the Italian fashion label.

Oversized lenses available in four different colors give you the freedom to color coordinate to your wardrobe and taste.


Marc Jacobs’ Wonder

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This is the simplest description of the Marc Jacobs MARC 161/S/STR: a fashion choice for a day at the beach or for a coffee in the city with your friends.

You are in for a treat as these rimless shades have pearls on the top corners of the lenses.

The futuristic design makes you believe you’re wearing two pairs at the same time.

While the metal temples are prolonged on the lenses, the look you will get is 100% modern and fashion forward.

This item is a fresh breath of air in the fashion universe which is often dominated by simple and basic styles.



Technologically-Gifted Shades

As the Instagram page of Bvlgari states, this pair is made for those who live a dynamic life, full of glamour, and charisma.

The Bvlgari BV6089 is a competitor of modern and creative sunglasses, as this classic asset will attract lots of curious eyes.

Mirrored lenses are super stylish as you can choose between colors such as rose gold, silver or pale gold.

Undoubtedly, the BV6089’s are a design to be worn by those with an abundance of imagination and creativity.

The expressive lines which cover the oval-shaped lenses generate a cutting-edge product for 2017.

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