3 Iconic Car Brands that make Awesome Glasses

Jaguar sunglasses

Sports cars and luxury vehicles are rightly revered as some of the greatest examples of innovative engineering and impeccable style coming together. Some manufacturers extend this approach beyond the world of cars, and there are a few leading automobile brands that are also renowned for their great glasses.


The slogan of Mercedes-Benz is “The best or nothing,” and they apply this uncompromising approach to their eyewear collection as well as to their cars. Precision-engineered, the ranges of prescription lens and sunglasses from Mercedes Benz are as functional as they are fashionable. Like the company’s automobiles, designs focus on bold lines and shapes, uniquely combined with innovative material, colours and texture choices. Through this approach, the German car giant crafts some of the most distinctive looks in the eyewear market today, many of which look like an extension of their cars’ notoriously comfortable interiors. You can take a look here at some of Mercedes craftsmanship for both optical and sunglasses.

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As one of the most creative of motorcar makers, Porsche refused to be confined into a single box. The same can be said of their spectacle collection which you can check out here. With multiple aesthetics on display, Porsche eyewear refuses to be neatly categorised and truly offers something for everyone. Some of their glasses are sleek, subtle and understated. Others are bold with thick frames and large lenses. One thing that unites them all is Porsche’s devotion to purity. Their glasses make the most of minimalism, avoiding excessively complex designs so that each feature has the chance to speak for itself in the eye of the observer.

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Through the decades, jaguar cars have maintained a very distinctive character. They are made instantly recognisable by their sleek, subtly-curved lines and streamlined shapes. This same familiar aesthetic can be seen in the company’s stylish selection of glasses which you can see here. Just like the cars, they have a sleek, streamlined appearance which makes daring use of angles and curves to create a dynamic, active appearance. The resulting glasses are perfect for the face of a dynamic go-getter, an enthusiast of Jaguar’s luxurious vehicles, or somebody who simply appreciates things that have been engineered for both high-performance and unbeatable style.

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Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Jaguar all produce eyewear with the same uncompromising style and up-to-the-minute manufacturing techniques as they use for their cars. Where some companies falter when producing products that are separated from their main lines, the surprising amount of common ground between cars and spectacles has helped these automotive companies to become icons of eyewear.  Let us know what you think.


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