3 Ways To Style A White Tee

When we think of capsule wardrobes, aka a minimal number of pieces making up your whole wardrobe, or staple, basic pieces every humanoid needs, the first thing that comes to mind is a simple white tee.

The white T-shirt is such a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, creating countless outfits, but often goes unnoticed.

We are here to show how simple it is to style an outfit, based on one normally overlooked piece of clothing.

Step one: Find a good quality, preferably cotton (as it’s more breathable), plain white T-shirt.

Step two: choose one of the following 3 ways to bring such a classic piece to the forefront of your style game:

Add a formal feel to your tee with a double detail pencil skirt, featuring ruffles and print. A striped choker plays on the monochrome theme and a three quarter sleeve black blazer adds a business vibe to the playful ruffles.

Some faux suede pumps with gold ankle ties, match with the “hold all your necessities” black tote with faux fur and gold details. Plus the ankle ties make them easier on the feet.

A statement pair of cat eye Versace Sunglasses bring some old school charm to the look.

Red lipstick is the only pop of color, and completely optional, but oh so #girlboss.

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Pink, flowers and glitter? Could this be real?

Well it is, a girly, fun outfit based around a white T-shirt, that can be worn casually day to day or on a girls’ night out (hence all the glitter).

So here’s how to achieve the look, grab a pair of floral embroidered mum jeans, tuck that white tee into them, and layer some rose toned chokers to add some extra girly-ness.

An embellished bomber jacket in pink satin works well with a barbie pink pair of Ray-ban sunnies. Accessorize with glitter flats (they have bows too!) and an envelope glitter clutch.

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All about feeling the sand between your toes and the wind in your hair? Then this is the look for you.

Boho fashion has been mainstream for a hot minute now and there are so many options from high street to high end.

A graphic pair of monochrome, psychedelically printed palazzo pants (that’s a lot of description for one pair of trousers) pair with a good old white tee (preferably not actually old though, as white tends to dim with age).

A great cover up for all occasions is the trusty kimono, this one is black, with fringe and lace detail. The shoes and bag are a matching warm tan color. The bag is a cross body style with more fringe detail to tie the look together, and the shoes are lace up sandals.

No look is complete without the perfect accessories: a pair of oval, pink Ray-bans, and a layered tassel necklace.

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