3 Ways to Transform your Look with Glasses

The glasses you choose to wear can have a big impact on the way you look and the image you project to the outside world. This same rule applies for fashion, accessories and beauty choices. Everyone has their own certain style, likes and dislikes. However, we all feel that need to change our appearance and outward persona from time to time. Sure…you could buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes or get a different haircut, but there’s really no need to make such drastic decisions!

Whether you want to overhaul your image for a special occasion or you feel that your daily look needs a little ‘je nais se quois’, glasses are one of the easiest and most effective ways to refresh your appearance and feel like a new you. Forget designer handbags and expensive shoes – because of their prominent position on your face, glasses are the ultimate accessory for altering your appearance.

Here are three ways that you can shake up your style and get a new look with a great pair of glasses.

Stand Out in Coloured Specs

Red glasses

Image from Wikimedia Commons

There’s nothing wrong with wearing dark colours – everyone loves a little black dress and a classic grey T-shirt is so easy to style. But if your wardrobe is starting to resemble Morticia Addams’, you may find yourself blending into the background and wishing for a little colour from time to time. A hint of colour can really make an outfit pop and add a vibrant touch to an all-black ensemble.

If you want to mix up your monochrome look, why not swap your usual specs for coloured frames? Statement glasses in a stand-out shade will add a unique edge to your look and will also brighten up your face.

Change your look by swapping your usual frames for the Celine CL 41364 glasses. These sleek specs aren’t too far away from black on the colour spectrum, but the lovely navy blue shade will add a subtle touch of colour.

Celine CL 41364

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If you really want to get noticed though, don’t hold back – go brave and bold with your frames. Glasses such as the Cacharel CA3015 in red will totally transform your look, taking any outfit from drab to fab.

Cacharel CA3015

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Get a Girly Look with Feminine Frames

Dame Edna cat eye glasses

Image from Eva Rinaldi

Do you live in T-shirts and trainers? Minimalist and masculine looks are so on trend right now and stealing your boyfriend’s jeans and shirts is definitely the way to go for every day style. If you’re into this simple and stylish image, we bet you love unisex frames and squared wayfarer shapes. However, some occasions call for a more feminine look. Whether you want to show your softer side on a first date or you need a pretty look for a wedding, certain styles of glasses will change your appearance and add a ladylike touch to an outfit.

While pink may be the oldest cliche in the book when it comes to feminine fashion, there’s no denying that the MAX&Co 239 glasses will add a girly vibe to your look. It’s not just the candy pink shade we love though, its the delicate, transparent frames and elegant shape.

MAX&Co 239

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Cat eye glasses are the ultimate in sexy and sassy eyewear and are ideal if you want to increase your glamour levels. We love the William Morris London WL6946 glasses which feature flirty cat eye flicks and an ombre colour effect, perfect for pairing with dresses and soft curls.

William Morris WL6946

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Increase your Professionalism in Classic Styles

Christina Hendricks ectangular framed glasses

Image from Eva Rinaldi

You may love your super-stylish cat eye glasses or retro-round frames for day-to-day wear, but there are certain occasions when you need to project a more professional and grown-up vibe. An interview, or an important meeting for example. While donning a smart blazer and perfecting an up-do are all great ideas, changing your glasses is one of the easiest ways to transform your look from fun to perfectly polish in an instant.

For those times when you want your professionalism to shine, stick to classic shapes and paired back designs such as the Tom Ford FT5311. This simple style features dark tortoiseshell frames and a timeless shape that’s a little geek chic.

Tom Ford FT5311

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Rectangular frames are simple but sophisticated and will add an intellectual edge to any outfit. Transform your look with the Savannah 2426 glasses in black if you want to nail that promotion or impress at work.

Savannah 2426 glasses

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So if you thought glasses were just for helping you to see more clearly, you better think again. With hundreds of different styles, shapes and colours to choose from, you can change your look and be whoever you want to be with glasses from SelectSpecs.

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