4 Celebrity Turned Eyewear Designers


Not content enough starring in our favourite movies, singing chart-climbing songs or wearing the clothes we adore, we can’t say we haven’t noticed the amount of celeb’s that have turned their talented hands into designing their own eyewear range.

Seriously, there’s been a few, so we’ve rounded up the ones we are most looking forward for and our already released current favourites.

1. Gwen Stefani


Yes, although we’re still pretty upset about her impending divorce from Gavin Rossdale, we’re glad Gwen is moving onwards and upwards, which includes designing her own eyewear range to be released in 2016.

Her clothing label L.A.M.B is already pretty successful and a woman who confesses she has “probably 5 draws [full]” of sunglasses must know a lot about good shades.  “[Designing eyewear is] something that I’ve wanted to do forever.”  We can’t wait!

2. Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore’s range of eyewear on the other hand is already out and lapping up great success.  Sadly, us Brits can’t get our hands on it here in the British Isles, but if you are to be hopping across the pond to the states anytime soon then be advised; they’re all available exclusively at over 2,750 Walmart Vision Centers.

Drew’s ‘Flower’ brand has a philosophy which promises you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the quality products you want and deserve: “We do not pay for advertising. Where other beauty brands spend a vast percentage of the cost of their products on ads, we do not… which in turn allows us to put all of our resources into the formulas and packaging, and not into advertising.”  Amen to that!

3.  Victoria Beckham


A world-class fashion designer in her own right, we suppose it was only a matter of time before she set her sights onto eyewear.  Although her brand – named after herself, of course – and its range of sunglasses have been out for a little while now, who could resist her and David’s cute son Brooklyn posing in his mummy’s new sunnies.

Celebs Eva Longoria and Kendall Jenner have also been seen wearing VB’s aviators recently, and err… the Beckham’s dog Coco.

4. Bobbi Brown


The name behind one of the world’s most loved make-up brands threw a curveball at us at the beginning of the year by announcing plans to announce her own range of eyewear.  Breaking the mould in the beauty industry by creating neutral based make-up to suit every skin tone back in the nineties, now she’s going to reinvent glasses in the beauty stakes.

A wide range of glasses and sunglasses are now at our disposable with Bobbi’s expert tips on how to find the right pair for you.  We’re pretty chuffed to be a Bobbi Brown retailer, so check out the slick, cool range here.

Know nay celebrities that have designed their own eyewear?  Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear what you think.

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