4 Reasons Why Men Make Passes at Girls in Glasses

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“Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses” – legendary words spoken from American author and humorist Dorothy Parker, but is that still true?  We say: nonsense!

Time and time again, it’s been proven, especially in recent years, there’s hardly a shortage of men who love women in glasses. But why exactly do men find four-eyed ladies so irresistible? Here are our own ideas:

1.  The “Sexy Librarian”

You probably saw this one coming, we’ve all seen them – the young and good-looking women who we occasionally see sat behind library counters, perhaps looking very serious and studious as they gaze intently at a computer screen. Glasses can so enhance the erudite look of the sexy librarian that they are now considered a key part of the unmistakable look called, well, the Sexy Librarian.

Okay, so you might not immediately think that they look “the life of the party”, so to speak, but actually that steely demeanour is a big part of the attraction – because it’s even more exciting to discover a woman’s, ahem, naughty side if she rarely puts it on public show.

2.  The Style Icon

During the twentieth century, glasses in general shredded their stigma and became appealing fashion items.  For many of us it seemed increasingly logical they screamed sex appeal too. Take today’s example of many women who wear sunglasses – men can’t take their eyes off them.  Why?  Two words: Audrey Hepburn.

Okay so it’s more a name than two words, the point is she fabulously played Holly Golightly in the 1961 romantic comedy classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s, as if we had to remind you and no man, or woman for that matter, would deny her class.

Wearing a pair of sunglasses in the style of Audrey Hepburn is chic, adds mystery and is so sexy.  Perhaps it’s down to men liking a woman who takes pride in her appearance, or wanting to take those big sunglasses off to look into your eyes.

The star’s cat-eye shades here, of which the fame rivals that of Audrey herself, we think strongly resembles these Karl Lagerfeld KL833S beauties.

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3.  The Eyes Have It

We’ve already hinted at it in the previous reason, but another theory about the appeal of glasses on women is that the eyewear quite literally frames the eyes, drawing attention to what have often been dubbed “the windows to the soul”.  Many guys can be surprised how different their girlfriends looks when they put on or take off their glasses. Such exclamations as “it’s almost like seeing two different women” aren’t uncommon.

And what guy wouldn’t like that idea of almost having two girlfriends?  Men are visual creatures and changing up your appearance, however subtle, can intrigue them.

Why Men Do Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses

4.  Grasp Attention

Whilst glasses may frame your face and draw attention to your eyes they also make other minor glitches of your face less visible. It’s well known this is also one of the reasons why glasses wearers are perceived as more intellectual.

If you’ve managed to nail down the glasses in a way that suits you then you might just be combining that intellectual and sexy stereotype together.  Boys may like dumb girls, but men love smart women.  Enough said.

Should we even try explaining it anyway?

Maybe there’s actually something a bit pointless about trying to explaining why glasses add to a woman’s sex appeal. Maybe too much explanation would just get too technical and, ironically, end up taking a lot of the sexiness out of it.

Still, you might have your own ideas about why guys can’t get enough of glasses on girls – in which case, tell us why you like a girl in glasses?  We’d love to know in the comments section below.

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