5 Awesome Foldable Sunglasses

I was talking to a friend earlier this week about sunglasses when she mentioned the fact that while she loves designer sunglasses, she is quite reluctant to spend more than the cost of a cinema ticket on shades because she keeps losing them. I ought to add that my friend is a bit reckless and that she constantly throws her sunglasses into her handbag unprotected because she’s forgotten the case at home, she keeps dropping them, scratching the lenses and so on.

I suggested she should be using foldable sunglasses. They are much more difficult to damage or destroy since they fold up into an amazingly small package which is easier to store safely in a pocket or handbag.

Folding sunglasses are a hard thing to understand until you actually own a pair. A lot of people have the misconception of folding glasses as those tiny reading glasses that two in every five lovely grannies wear.

However, nowadays, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion or design for practicality since there are a lot of brands making stylish foldable sunglasses. Even Daniel Craig is going to wear them in the latest James Bond film to be released later on this year!

James Bond Persol

Here you are five outstanding folding sunglasses:

1.    PERSOL PO0714


Persol is an awesome lifelong Italian eyewear brand that has been making folding sunglasses since the 60s. The PO0714 has been selected for the same reason James Bond wears it, it incorporates all the comfort and detail elements that distinguish the sophisticated brand. They are available in seven different colours and are also suitable for prescription lenses.

2.    RAY-BAN RB4105

RB4105-ray-ban-foldable-sunglasses-at-selectspecsBuy Now »

The Ray-Ban RB4105 is the perfect example of a practical yet very fashionable pair of folding sunglasses. It is compact, practical, portable and always stylish. They can be prescription glasses and there are seven amazing colour combinations to choose from for just above £100!

3.    BURBERRY BE3071

Burberry-3071-foldable-sunglasses-at-selectspecsBuy Now »

Few brands can provide the style and compact design of the Burberry BE3071. The iconic British luxury brand established in 1856 merges here the classic aviator frame with modern materials and colours that make this pair of sunglasses supremely light on weight. They can be prescription lenses and you have two more fascinating colours to choose from.

4.    G-STAR GS612S

GS612S-g-star-raw-foldable-sunglasses-at-selectspecsBuy Now »

G-Star sunglasses are characterised by straight cut lenses, an element that creates a unique statement in the world of eyewear. This revolutionary unisex model by G-Star is striking but likeable and the oversize hinges cite the brand’s industrial inspiration. Choose your colour and whether you want them with prescription lenses for just over £150!

5.    Dolce & Gabbana DG6089

D&G6089-dolce-and-gabbana-foldable-sunglassesBuy Now »

Dolce & Gabbana eyewear perfectly represents Italian flamboyance. The DG6089 is a clear example of how to fuse fashion and practicality with a touch of luxury. These wonderful square-shaped shades have a sophisticated folding mechanism and functional metal details that give a vintage appeal to the style. The colour range available is as amazing as their price, check them out!

This is just a small selection but there are many more exceptional models available. I would love to hear your opinion about foldable sunglasses, particularly if the article above changed your mind about folding glasses being only acceptable to wear when you are over 70. Send your comments through the box below or tag us @SelectSpecs on Twitter and Instagram.

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