5 Different Looks, 1 Pair of Specs

For most of us, one or two pairs of specs are all you’ve got, so they better go with everything, be suitable for all kinds of occasions and look great too. This does make the feat of purchasing your one and only quite an intricate affair. So let’s break it down for you, here are 5 outfits/occasions your specs need to take you through and help you make a decision on whether they are the right fit for you.

Our specs of choice are these versatile yet sleek William Morris London WL6972 leopard print beauties. Let’s put them to the test below.

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William Morris London WL6972

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Day to Day

Here’s the first box to tick off of your checklist, will these specs work for your day to day life? Will they look good with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt while running errands? Or will they be too extravagant, embellished or out of place?

Think of things like what colours you have most in your closet, and what style aesthetic you lean towards? Whether sporty, chic, business or boho. A great look would be to pair them with a mini jeans skirt, tights, ankle boots, an embroidered top and a suede tassel jacket.


Will they look good with your office or work attire? If you have an active job, will they stay put? If you have a dress code or uniform will they make it pop? Think of details like how you choose to wear your hair or makeup in your chosen work environment, will your specs compliment these?

As for our choice of outfit here, a blue pinstripe shirt with embroidery detail or cold shoulder cutouts (if work permits), and palazzo pants, or belted tan trousers with frill detail are great options, suede ankle boots in chocolate brown tones complement the look.

Winter Wonderland

Do your glasses match your outwear? Your favourite jackets and scarves? As winter is in full swing, you need to look your best out and about in your specs, while commuting or taking a walk, or whatever else you choose to do in the great outdoors.

A trench coat is a great Autumn staple, faux fur and gingham jackets are also trending options. Add similar prints to your specs in with scarves, colourful or neutral, your choice, but a great way to tie in printed specs to your ensemble.

Party Time

Party time? But you still want to be able to spot your girl squad from across the room? If contacts aren’t your thing, or you aren’t able to wear them, fear not, all you need are a pair of glasses that don’t clash with your little black dress, or whatever you choose to sport as party attire. Lace, frills and sparkle are all some safe bets, and you’ll look party-ready in your leopard print specs.

Afternoon Tea

Brunch with your girlfriends may be the most important fashion moment for every woman, as we are the harshest judges of each other (in a loving way of course), but here’s how to win the friend style test, polka dots and a feminine silhouette (An A-line dress for example) look right at home with our chosen specs. Go get ’em ladies.

Wondering if you can pull that sport-chic look off? Here are 7 looks to take from the gym to everyday life in a jam.

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