5 Essential Eyewear Pieces for Runners


Runners are often saying to themselves: “Okay, I’ve got a pair of awesome running shoes, my clothes allow my skin to breathe, and I’ve got some killer tunes to keep my motivation high while on the trail…but what’s missing?”

It might be something that doesn’t seem so important, but definitely benefits your health in the long run – pun fully intended!

So what does a pair of specialised running sunglasses need to do that a normal pair can’t?  Well, here’s a break down:

  • All sunglasses used for running or any other active sport need to be lightweight – an obvious suggestion, but important when you need to focus on your surroundings.  They should feel as though nothing is there.
  • UVA and UVB protected, another point which should go without saying, the use of sunscreen with a high factor will certainly help us protect our skin, but we should consider finding a proper pair of shades to protect our eyes too!
  • A good fit – they’ll need to fit snugly so they don’t bounce or slip, rubber ear pieces and wraparound styles are the best in this respect.  (Runners don’t just pick them because they look a bit crazy.)
  • Polarized lenses might also be a wise investment, this reduces the glare from reflected surfaces, such as water on the road, which always makes my eyes squint and sting!

Here’s the list of specs that pros would consider an indispensable part of their running equipment:

1. Oakley Radar Path

Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses at SelectSpecsIn jet black colour, with grey lenses to transmit light evenly without altering the colour.  This model will fit the most face shapes and moreover, the integrated High Definition optics technology will allow you to successfully overcome all sorts of obstacles, including various weather conditions.

At Selectspecs, we have this model in two colour variations: jet black and with the touch of purple on the rims. It doesn’t hurt mentioning that it comes at an affordable price (having in mind that we’re talking about Oakley here!) which is under £100!

2. Smith Optics Pivlock Asana

Smith Optics Pivlock Asana Sunglasses at SelectSpecsSome of the main traits this minimalistic model from Smith Optics are its lightweight feel and that you can easily swap lenses in accordance with the current weather conditions, and this might come in handy, especially when weather is fickle. Long story short: get ready for the maximum performance with a sense that you even aren’t wearing the sunglasses!

3. Julbo WHOOPS Polarized

Julbo Whoops Polarized Sunglasses at SelectSpecsJulbo WHOOPS variations are some of the best running models from this sport brand. This particular model comes in shiny black/grey colour, and it boasts the classic design, suitable for all casual look hobbyists. Polarized lenses significantly reduce the glare, especially during the days when sun is shining brighter than usual, while the grippy temples make sure that the sunglasses stay right where they belong!

4. Bollé Tempest

Bolle Tempest Sunglasses at SelectSpecsThis semi-rimless model also has interchangeable lenses that include photochromic, all-purpose and polarized ones. Also, they are resistant to fingerprints, smudging and sweat which make them highly-desirable for all outdoors activities. Plus, your pocket will love them.

5. Adidas Adizero models

These are made of sticky rubber which in contact with sweat becomes even grippier which ensures the secure hold on the face. Other cool features include adjustable temples and light design that will definitely make you a hardcore fan of these models once you’ve tried them! We recommend A185 Adizero Tempo L for a comfortable running experience.

Adidas A185 Adizero Tempo L Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

And the A171 Adizero S, for the fans of round models.

Adidas A171 Adizero S Sunglasses at SelectSpecs


We have them both currently on sale, so don’t miss the opportunity to run geared up like a pro at a low price!

What are your experiences with running sunglasses so far? Which is your favorite model? Share your impressions below!

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