5 Geek Chic Glasses for World Book Day

geek glasses world book day

Today, 3rd March 2016, is World Book Day and we’re so happy to be celebrating here at Select Specs. Schools and bookshops all over the country are coming together to do their bit in marking the occasion, and whilst this famous international event is aimed at encouraging children to read more, we assure you that World Book Day isn’t just for kids.

It’s often been said that a library is like a hospital for the mind, and it was philosopher Confucius who quoted, “No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading – or surrender yourself to a life of ignorance.”

Books are important for kids and adults alike and in order to encourage our little ones to enjoy reading, we have to set an example. But don’t worry if you don’t have kids because you can take part in World Book Day by picking up your favourite book, visiting your favourite book store, trying a new genre or author, or buying yourself a new pair of reading glasses to honour the event.

So in celebration of World Book Day 2016, here are 5 geek chic glasses – one for every type of bookworm out there!

The Cheap Ones…

Every self-respecting book lover needs at least one pair of reading specs and the look to go for is of course, nerd chic. But if your pockets don’t go too deep and your purse strings are feeling kinda tight, these cheap geek chic glasses are the perfect World Book Day buy.

For just £10.00 and compatible with all lens prescriptions, it’s a bargain you can’t miss. Get the Savannah 2444 Unisex Glasses online now.

cheap geek chic glasses reading

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The Designer Ones…

These Celine geek chic glasses are a pricey investment. But totally worth it if you’re looking for a high quality pair of reading specs that will remain timelessly stylish for many years to come. This look never goes out of fashion and the iconic metal dots can be recognised instantly by other spec-savvy fashionistas.

If you’re looking to splash out on a new designer pair of glasses for World Book Day, shop the Celine CL 41350 Glasses and get FREE delivery at Select Specs.

celine geek chic glasses

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The Retro Ones…

These geek chic prescription glasses from Prada are totally hip and retro. They are from the male eyewear range but look great on both men and women, and the horn-rimmed design takes us back to the 1950s or 60s. This style of spectacle frame has long been linked with the look of intelligence and the social savvy, making it perfect for World Book Day.

Get the Prada PR 19RV Horn Rimmed Glasses and choose from 4 sophisticated colours.

horn rimmed geek chic glasses men

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The Hipster Ones…

If you need some inspiration for the hipster glasses look, just look at model Emily Ratajkowski – she’s made this look totally iconic for women. But it’s not just women who should rock the geek chic hipster look – men can do it too and these unisex Jil Sander J2003 Prescription Glasses are ideal for hipster types who love to sip coffee in bookshops and bury their head in Russian poetry or The Complete Works of Copernicus.

hipster glasses world book day

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The Funky Ones…

Don’t you just pity those who can’t have a bit of fun in life? Reading about new things, new places, new stories and new ideas is fun and enjoyable. And so should your glasses be.

If you love the geek chic look but you want something with a bit more flair for World Book Day then go all out with these funky Salvatore Ferragamo SF2732 Glasses. They have an oversized nerd chic lens and a classic geeky frame style but they come available in 3 really cool alternative colours for women.

funky geek chic glasses pink

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