Top 5 Guilty Fashion Habits We All Have

Guilty as charged. We all find pleasure at times in things we really shouldn’t; eating that second slice of chocolate cake, Facebook stalking that special someone, or binge watching our favourite show when we have deadlines to meet.

But nothing is quite as life affirming as guilty pleasures of the fashion variety.

Here are our top five naughty nuances, that we definitely should put behind us, but something tells us, we won’t.

Following Trends That We Shouldn’t

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As hard as it may be to believe, not every trend is meant for every individual. We all have certain colours and silhouettes that highlight our best features, and ones that just don’t.

The key here is not to pick up one of everything you see trending on social media, or advertised in glossy magazines.

Find out what suits you and stick to it. This also applies to your face shape and which specs will suit it.

If you are square jawed, or have a long face, go for the bedazzled babies below.

Spending Money We Don’t Have

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Choose quality over quantity every day of the week, but luxury isn’t for everyone’s budget. There is, however, a level of luxury each of us can afford.

Find that sweet spot, and get shopping. The rule of thumb is a third of your income saved, a third invested and a third to spend.

Designer bags count as investments though right? Quality pieces, like the Jimmy Choo sunnies below, don’t have to break the bank, and when they last for years, and are an everyday staple, they are worth the splurge.

Wearing Our Favourite Colour From Head to Toe

Now, you may melt a little inside when you see something you need in your favourite unique shade of kumquat orange (or whatever floats your boat).

Or even something you don’t particularly need (like a pink lawnmower), but that is no excuse to match your eyeshadow with your entire outfit, including your socks.

If your favorite colour doesn’t quite suit your skintone, wear it away from your face, colourful trousers are a thing.

Be more selective, and add pops of overpowering shades in smaller pieces, like accessories. These plum shades, for example.

Wearing The Same Clothing Item for Years

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Clinging to our respective youth is something we are all guilty of at one point or another, and clinging on so much that we wear clothing items that used to fit us or were in fashion decades ago, is a step too far.

Classic pieces that don’t need to be fitted are ageless however. Like the sunnies below.

Trying to Please Others With Our Style

We get advice from people around us all the time, whether they mean well or not. It can lead to mixed signals and confusion.

Fashion advice is no different. From parents giving us bowl cuts in our youth, and insisting they suit us, to our friends giving words of encouragement when we dye our hair an acid green in our school days.

Sometimes the only voice we should be listening to is our own, as that is our own unique personal style speaking to us.

As crazy as it may seem, go shopping alone every once in a while, and when you like something, give it a whirl, you never know.

Beauties like the sunglasses below don’t need thinking about, however. Embrace your fashionista within and click away.

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Now you’re clear on what not to wear, take a look at some styles you should, here.

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